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New Guy Needs Help Losing Fat

Ok, I am 6'3'' and I weigh 280. Yeah I am a big guy! Well, I want to lose the fat and build some muscle. Right now I am a 44 inch waist, and I want to go down to 38 and maybe iventually, a 36 inch waist. I just need a good idea for diets and supplements. I dont know what to get. So if you guys would please help me out, I would really apprecate it. thanks!

Hey welcome

read up read the beginners threads pinned at the top of the forum they are loaded with basic info the things like thisan that have been answered 100000000 times

read those and come back with further questions more directed and from your new knowledge.

I will give you a couple links to diet stuffs.

7 Habit

Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid

T Dawg 2

Hope that helps,

Good luck man, you made a step in the right direction by coming here.

Glad you found this site too. I am also a big guy at nearly 6’3. I started out at 285 and now down to 235. Still a little, actually a lot, of high body fat percentage. Stick around and read. I wont lie, I read T-Nation all day at work.

Listen to Phil, he can help you a lot on your diet. He is very knowledgable. Also, read some the articles he pointed you too.

Might I suggest that, and I know this sucks, you need to track your food intake for a couple weeks. Meanwhile, work out hard. Lift weights, find a program on this site and stick to it. Dont expect over night results. I am sorry to tell you too, their is no magic pill. Only hard work and DIET, DIET, DIET. I not say by using the word DIET, that you should eat salad or stave yourself all day either. Diet is going to become the most important thing you do everyday. You will need to put a lot of thought into your food. I prepare food most of the time for at least two days. Bought a cooler, ice packs, carry it everywhere with me. Going to a cookout with some friends, no prob, you have your cooler with you. Maybe a little embarrasing at first but if they are try friends, they will support you.

Well, it appears that I am going on and on trying to lay out the last year of my life. I still have a long way to go also. Good Luck, and dont be afraid to ask for thier is a lot of knowledgable people hear. Try to read and answer your own question first, post your question and your answer, then ask for confirmation. Most will respond much better that way instead of you asking them something like “What should I eat everyday?” or “What should my exercise routine be?”

Oh, hope you like cardio. I like the elliptical machine. Cant run, bad knees.

Oh, earlier I suggested you monitor and log your food intake for a couple weeks. Speaking from experience, before I attempted to get my diet in check, I would eat once a day or maybe lunch and dinner. If this is what you have been doing, your metabolism is probaby next to none. So your 280, then you should be eating around 4200 calories. I think you will need to get your calories up to around 4200 which is your maintaince level. Then once your body is use to functioning on this, drop calories slighty every couple of weeks. Thats at least how I am doing it.

Good Luck. Stiddy

www.fitday.com offers a free and simple way to track calories, macro- and micro- nutrients.

Good luck and be patient.

[quote]texaus wrote:
www.fitday.com offers a free and simple way to track calories, macro- and micro- nutrients.

Good luck and be patient.[/quote]

i’m not a big guy; but yeah this site is really badass

don’t stress on supp’s just yet…get the diet under control so you can see what kind of results just that will bring; then adjust.