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New Guy, Need Advice


Hi, I’m 48 and need advice. New to exercise and need to slowly start somewhere. Any help?


What do you want to accomplish? What goal do you have? What experience do you have lifting? How are your eating habits?


Start slow…dont overthink it. Learn some basic stuff on nutrition. Pretty much anything you do at this point will produce improvement.


Either of these a good start…


The usuals on here always give great advice.

I started a year ago at 39 and followed starting strength until I basically couldn’t recover from the squatting 3 times a week and my presses stalled. If you are looking at barbell work it’s a fine cookie cutter programme and the ebooks have a lot of information. It’s a simple place to start. But as the others have asked, it depends what the goal is?


I have tendonitis and minor shoulder issues. I was thinking, start out 10 lb. work my way up. Just to build a little strength.


No experience.


If you are in for general fitness. Find some sort of full body program and plan on 3 days/ 4 days a week. You can get pleanty done in an hour. If you have weight to lose the diet is the most important component. Don’t over think it. Do find a good program that is from a good coach…christian thribeau (sp) on this site and forum would be a good place to start


If you are more or less a beginner, try a primitive linear periodization (3 times a week) that you can get everywhere.

It can be as follows (sets X reps):

week 1: 6x6 (65% of RM)
week 2: 7x5 (67.5% of RM)
week 3: 8x4 (70% of RM)
week 4-5: 9x3 (75% of RM)
week 6-7: 10x2 (85% of RM)
week 8: test your personal record

Upon completion, more challenging and sophisticated training programs can be started. Always follow some meaningful periodization.


Is the tendonitis in your shoulder?

Starting at 10 pounds (or very light) and working up to high, high reps is a good way to work through tendonitis.