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New Guy Looking for a Mentor

Hey guys

New guy here. I am looking for a mentor. I have worked on on an doff in the past. I have gone through two different phases of crossfit. I switched to training at 24 fitness few months ago and have been pretty consistent at it. I need a mentor who can help me learn and grow.


  1. Pick a program from a reputable coach that fits your goals and your training style and do it
  2. Don’t poo your pants when things go from easy to very hard
  3. Eat well and get as much sleep as practical

There’s all the mentoring you need. Shit’s not complicated.


Do you have any specific actual goals that you want to achieve for yourself?

You don’t need a mentor. And why limit yourself to one person? What if they turn out to be an idiot? You wouldn’t realize it for years because you won’t know any better.

I suggest actively and intelligently participating in the forums here as well as starting a training log. Follow other training logs and participate (intelligently) in those as well.

You’ll find a variety of successful people with different goals and different approaches. You’ll be able to glean information from multiple people and try new things on your own. If you look at the logs and posts of people carefully then you’ll be able to figure out their age and level of wisdom and then you’ll be able to choose who you follow a little better.

Ask questions. Don’t talk back or disagree with advice from people who are more experienced than you. Don’t take things personally. Learn and grow. This place can give you numerous “mentors” in the iron game without being reliant on one person. It may not be as personal or touchy feely as having a field trip buddy in real life, but I believe it can be more beneficial.

Lastly, learn how to use the forums properly. Learn how to tag people, use quotes in your replies, post videos, etc.


One very easy way to acquire a mentor is to hire an online coach. There are several excellent ones who frequent the forums here.


Yes. I am currently at 6’6 285 but I feel that I lose some fat and gain some more muscle.

I’m going to be the first to point out that those aren’t goals more like general statements. You need to come up with something realistic and tangible and set a deadline then when that deadline comes you can say I hit/missed my goal because I did this right/wrong and I need to work on this.

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There’s a whole tribe of em, just ask ol’ Timmy.



a mentor who helps give you direction/advice in the gym and teaches you how to become a better athlete and/or lifter is called a coach. And they aren’t free. They can often be hired at very reasonable prices, though.

If you’re not looking to hire a coach, there are many, many threads on here to peruse if you use search terms in the search bar that reflect your goals, as well as free articles from reputable coaches from the last 2 decades.


Hey man

How can I message you?

by typing a response in this thread. Direct messaging is not possible on this forum.

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I will merely suggest that you read the logs of people like @Alpha, @EyeDentist, @MarkKO, @twojarslave, @flipcollar, @Vincepac1500

These people are from varied backgrounds and have varied training priorities, but they have all worked hard to achieve something in their respective pursuits and that might be a useful thing for you to read about. Could also be useful in helping you choose a specific goal to pursue. You’ll learn about strongman, powerlifting, combat sports, bodybuilding and may come away with some more motivation and a place to start.