New Guy Looking At TRT

New to this forum and the TRT arena. Looking very hard at TRT but have the usual concerns. First concern, is it possible or safe to do test doses without hcg and estrogen or must they be used together? Second concern, if 5,10, 15 years down the road I choose to cease TRT, can it be weened off safely without crashing my body.

I am a 51 yoa male in decent shape. Lifting and athletic for most of my life. Test has been declining for years with recent labs at 365 Testosterone Serum. I have attached the lab document and your input is greatly appreciated.image|666x500](upload://ljHxo7JfIoDZEKGCve8m6A3ihhI.jpeg)

Pic didn’t attach. Edit/re-upload so we can see it.

  1. Yes, Test is best… Add HCG later if and only if you feel like it. Estrogen will increase by itself with the T.
  2. Yes, but your body will likely be producing very test anyway… not too much left to crash anyway.

Thank you for the reply, any takers on the lab work or additional input?

Some guidance from those who have gone down this road is greatly appreciated. The Urologist is suggesting either TRT injections or TRT pellets. Not sure which way to go and what other meds may be involved. C’mon guys please provide some input.

Wouldn’t recommend this; minor surgery, lack of control, possibility they fall out, not worth it. Injections are safe and easy

Edit: your LH & FSH aren’t bad, I’d guess HCG wouldn’t do much for you. E2 is crashed, have you been taking anything to suppress it? Even with low T I’d think it would be higher. I felt like death with e2 that low

Thanks Swoop, I don’t even know what e2 represents or what would suppress it. The only meds I take is cholesterol meds every other day. My energy levels have been terrible past 2 years. I was not Liking the pellet concept because of the incision that is required.

Im going to state that at 51yo, coming off TRT is doable but the difference will be very obvious. TRT is for life. No U turns because its about consistency in maintaining good health. The older we get, healing is not as easy. So try not to think of the coming off option as an option, unless its a must.

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I did pellets for one year because I was chicken of giving myself all of those shots… Worst mistake ever…

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BTW, I was on Pellets from 48 to 49… I did nothing as PCT and felt fine no withdrawal symptoms beyond feeling like i did at 47 the next year… Probably due to how the pellets slowly dissolved over the next 6 months (unlike stopping shots) When I tested at 50 when i decided to try shots my T was right where it was at 48, on the low side of the normal scale.

Depending on what cholesterol meds you’re taking, could be part of this.

E2 = estradiol, the component of estrogen we’re most concerned with.

TRT is your future, just don’t do pellets lol

T isn’t to bad. Free T is low