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New Guy; Just Signed Up Yesterday


Hello T-Nation!!

Im going to make this short and sweet. I love working out, but I didnt do it this summer because of lack of money/ca. I usually work out at the local YMCA during the summer but this past summer they denied me a scholarship.

Anyway, ever since I can remember Ive been trying to get BIG AS F**K! (Thats as simple as I can make it)
I just started college 3 weeks ago, and I went to my college's "rec-center" to ask them to give me a workout that would help me. (I brought them the previous work outs I had been using), healthy meal info etc. The head gym guy there told me to go to this website, look under "High Volume/Optimal Volume" and start from there. Ive been reading this website for 4 days now and at first I was overwhelmed by the different work outs and diets you guys had. However, this is just whats I was looking for.

I ended up picking information from the "High Intensity vs. High Volume" artical and for my work out (since I havent touched a single weight since June) I picked "Total Body Training" in the "Beginners" section.

Anyway, what Im asking is did I make the right choice on that workout? Or is there a better one I could have picked? What Diet would you suggest for me to take with this? I was thinking of using "Nitro Tech" with my workout. ((had been using regular Whey Protetin with it, and I just heard using Nitro Tech with another "tech" would be much better)

As you can see....I need help. But I am willing to work for a better body. I just need a road to follow. Please help me. Thank you.

Off note: This site is AMAZING!! All the info, the articles....AMAZING! (I just need to be guided a bit)

Rene Correa
19 years old
185 lbs.
Wants to gain muscle and cut fat. (Wants to look good nekid)



Uh.. Vrooms thread and all that good jazz. Yeah.

Use search engine :wink:


Waterbury writes some great stuff, as do the rest of the guys. It all works depending on your goals.


Nitro Tech sucks.



greetings and salutations.


Surge is the best I've used so far for pre/during/post workout.


You could of applied to work at the YMCA, then you can do just about anything there for free, and if your in college the extra money would be helpfull.