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New Guy Intro

sup everyone,

Just posting to introduce myself, so if I decide to post in the future everyone isnt wondering who this jerkoff is. I just found this website over the last 2 weeks and I have been reading it daily for hours on end =). So far I love all of the usefull topics and it seems like an awesome community!

A little about myself, I have been working out consistently for about a year and a half. I started out weighing 145ish with about 14% bodyfat. I am now 175ish at about 10% bodyfat (5’9" frame). Ill admit that I started lifting to help self esteem and also self improvement. That motivation has changed to now needing more size and power for my career. I am deffinately still a beginner and most of the knowledge I do have has come from reading the internet and magazines. I have already started obsorbing a lot of the knowledge on here and have started a bulking cycle and recieved my first shipment of Low-Carb Grow! in the mail two days ago (an soon will be ordering Surge). My goals are to evenetually be a lean 190 to 195lbs with the help of all the information available on this site as well as other sources.

Again I hope to meet and get to know everyone in this community, you all seem like a very incitefull and knowledgeable group! Cheers!

Hey, welcome aboard! Nice to see someone reading up on things and able to find what they need to get some progress…