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New Guy Intro. Started TRT, Had No Symptoms

what’s up guys? short back story… I’ve been eating like complete crap and drinking heavily for years. I’m 28 years old, 5’ 9".
so… I met the love of my life 11 years ago, and after that I kinda stopped giving a shit about what I put into by body. my wife gained a lot of weight and I gained quite a bit also. after about 6 years my wife gained 50+ pounds and I honestly don’t know how much I gained cause of never cared.

a couple years ago my wife decided enough was enough and lost 55lbs in about 10-12 months and looks hot as shit now. I still kept eating junk and drinking all the time and was up to 222lbs.

I recently took blood tests cause my wife begged me to and I found out that I had low test. (probably from all the booze) and eating like crap. anyway. she started me on TRT 100mg a week. I’ve also been eating great most of the time and going to the gym and doing a combo of HIIT and a couple weight machines. I’ve lost 20 lbs in about 2 months of actually being pretty stricked. I still drink on the weekends.

anyway… I was surprised finding out I had low test because I have almost zero symtoms. no low sex drive whatsoever. I have a big beard and lots of body hair and a deep voice. I have been told forever that I have above average muscle for someone who has never really worked out. I started my injections 6 weeks ago and have already noticed an increase in strength and energy. could it be possible that my body just naturally needs only the near 200 ng/dl that it was producing??

Oh dude at 28 you probably could have reversed the low T by cleaning up your diet and lifting heavy shit on a semi regular basis.