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New Guy Intro. Elbow Pain/OHP Question

Hey everybody, I’m new to the forums and relatively new to lifting so I thought I’d introduce myself before I jump into a question (all weights below are in pounds).

Height: 5’8’’
Weight: 190ish
Squat 1RM: 250
Bench 1RM: 165 (shuddup, I’ve had a lingering wrist injury that’s kept this back)
Dead 1RM: 325

My question is, I’ve been getting some lingering elbow pain that I’m pretty sure is being caused/aggravated by OHP; I think it might be a form issue but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I know to keep my elbows in front of the bar at the start of the lift and to end up straight up and down so that the bar’s lined up with the back of my head, but how far apart should my hands be? As tight as I can or spread out some? I’ve tried both and in tight seems to make the press easier but it hurts my elbow more.

Start with a grip slightly wider than shoulder width and keep your elbows inside your hands during the lift (if your imagine a straight line from your hands down your elbow joints would never cross/be outside that line)