New Guy Here! STL Missouri

Well ive perused the boards for a couple of years and always learn new things from the posts and subjects on here. I decided to sign up, just because it seems like there are plenty of good people with alot of experience and Id like to learn firsthand from them. So I guess a little about me. Im 26 5’6 187ish lbs, dont drink, smoke or do any drugs. Ive dabbled in strongman, and found powerlifting to be my favorite type of lifting. Although stones are quite fun.

I currently train at a crappy mainstream gym, but i started out in a small pl gym in overland called eagle gym. I dont compete, i just do it because i like to move weight and Its nice to get aggression out. I hope to contribute alot to the board and look forward to talking and learning alot from here


What gym do you train at now? I’ve never been to eagles but hear good things.

club gayness on hampton. Ill be the only guy box squatting with more than 4 plates on each side lol, or the only guy box squatting there at all hehe.

and eagle is a great place to train. easygoing atmosphere, you can plug your ipod in to the main speakers and blast metal, one of the few places around that actually have a monolift, and they have tons of strongman stuff. rick king is the owner, and the dude is just a badass nice guy, will give you pointers etc. They have plenty of guys that lift in the masters classes around here. The w.a.r. gym is another place to train for pl and strongman, lots of great lifters with plenty of experience. willy wessell owns that mofo, and hes totaled around 2200 ish at 210 if im not mistaken. both of these gyms are extremely competitive against one another for the record tho.

I’ve heard of w.a.r. too. I guy I work with is friends with andy bible who works out there. It’s just a little too far for me and I’m just getting into powerlifting. Right now I’m at Powerhouse over in kenrick plaza. They used to have a monolift which was great. They took it down some months ago and it’s sitting in pieces…damn shame.

If you’re not happy with club fitness you should check out powerhouse it’s not too much farther than club fitness. I’m assuming since you’re go to south hampton you live on the southside. It’s cheaper, has a deadlift platform, 3 squat racks, and provides chains. There are two guys I know that are competitive powerlifters who sometimes lift there and then there are some wannabes/newbies, like myself, that lift there too. The only downside is it’s not 24 hours on the weekends.

Why don’t you compete? USA Powerlifting is pretty active in the area. You don’t have to be exceptionally strong to compete. Just learn the commands. It’s cheap and fun. I’ve found that competing has given me more focus and dedication in the gym.

That link has all the local meets. I’ll be at the one in October.

my best so far are 525 squat, 305 bench, and 410 deadlift a1 181, i did a few army comps when i was in north carolina at fort bragg, but they were unsanctioned and just pretty much unit vs unit to see who was stronger. I dont compete because i have back problems which i am hopefully seeing a specialist about the beginning of next year. I used to get lower back pain when running when i was younger and its translated into lower back pain when i dead or do any type of bentover rows etc. Its not form related either. I can squat heavy all day long, just guess i was never made to deadlift well, although i do love it