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New guy here (Question about squat weakpoint)


I have been lifting seriously for about 5 months and my totals are:
Bench: 225 x5 up from 195 x 5 in may
Squat: 265 x5 up from 135 x 5 in may
Deadlift: 442 x1 up from 225 x 1 in may

I feel really weak on Bench, I have only added 30 lbs to it . Might have something to do with my body type.

My main question has to do with squat. When i am going heavy on squat, i can go a little passed parallel with no problems, and i never get stuck in the bottom. The only problem is when i stand back up, i start to lean forward and have to practically do a good morning in order to get the weight up.

Is there anyway to fix this?


yep, you're driving up with the legs first and this is making you round over. The first thing you should do in the hole is drive your back into the bar. Practice this with light weights till you get the movement down. Focus on hip drive, your legs will push by themselves you probably don't really need to focus on that aspect.


As far as the bench goes, have you read the articles and watched the videos that Dave Tate has made about bench pressing? I'd say it's a must if you want to learn optimal bench pressing technique.


Doing a good morning out of the squat to finish it up is a classic sign of not learning how to properly drive with the hips.

And this is a video that should remedy that problem, more or less: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yha2XAc2qu8


I'm a terrible squatter...
I always thought that doing a good morning in the squat would be exactly because one would be driving the hips. That's what happens to me, and it's kinda what happens to the guy in the video. If the hips drive the movement, than it always finishes with a good morning kind of thing.
Am I getting this wrong?


once you've got what rippetoe is saying just do like ed coan here, hips come up and then forward.


You're not quite on track.

When you're in the bottom position, focus on exploding out of the hole my contracting your hams, glutes, and hips as hard as you can while keeping your back in a really tight arch.

I personally found that the box squat was the best way to really focus on this but it's certainly not the only way. Louie Simmons describes box squats as a 'leg curl' because if you do it right it feels sort of similar.


That particular video isn't about perfect squat form. The kid should be able to keep the proper back angle all the way through, but he doesn't. But what he IS learning is hip drive, so his form will "good morning" as well, if slightly. You'll notice he did maybe one squat with good form in the video, where the squat was very fluid and not compartmentalized.

If you're driving with your quads mostly, then your legs will straight out before your chest has become upright. Hip drive is what balances out the squat, because of the way you have to (or should) be sitting back to accomplish it.

That Ed Coan video is a great example of really utilizing hip drive.


study the coan video, i squat pretty close to that style but likely narrower. just make sure you're pushing out on your feet, i'd forgoten about that for awhile, recently figured it out and squat is on the rise again.