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New Guy, HCG & Anastrozole Protocol

Some advice would be really appreciated. I am 24, 200 lbs. “TEST” was around 560 before I started. 100MG Test a week, every Tuesday.

I have given myself 3 shots so far. What do guys recommend for Hcg/Anastrozole Protocol? I am trying to keep my testicles active while on the TRT. Will decide in a month or two if this will be a long term or short term thing. I have blood work in a week or so. Thanks again!

  • 2000 mg/ 10 mL Cypionate Bottle
  • 10 x 1mg Anastrozole Tab’s
  • 6000 USP Units/ Vial HCG
  • 3 ml Syringes
  • 23 G Needle
  • .5 ml/cc Insulin Syringes

You need to spend more time reading the boards. There’s allot of information you will learn.

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250IU hCG three times per week, or 350IU twice weekly
No anastrozole

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You need to dial in some realistic expectations, you need to give TRT at least one year. You can’t possibly see significant improvements in one or two months, it takes 42 days just for your levels to become stable. If you keep changing the dose every couple of weeks you’re essentially hitting the pause button on all progress, true progress is made when you leave your dose alone and enjoy the ride.