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New Guy. Have I Always Had Low T?

So I recently turned 30 and suffering from low t… Have all the symptoms low energy, always tired , little to no motivation , can gain muscle or weight… Even though I have a good routine but I am pretty string for bein tiny … I can bench like 225 … But anyways as a teen I develop gyno ,went to doc and he said it would go away in a couple months it never did I was so self conscious would not take my shirt off I felt different from everybody else …

Secluded myself had no friends and not very confident and sometimes a little emotional . I would take things to heart and to seriously… I had some girlfriends but now that I remember I would lose my hard ons a lot… Or go soft inside them soo embarrassing . Never been really sexual or had high libido … So recently went to urologist so unrelated things and I was waiting for him to come in and behind the door was a poster that said if you have these symptoms it’s low t …

So I asked him about it and he checked my levels and he said I did have low t… Here are my results… Tell me what you guys think please…
TT -217
Free t-144
Prolactin -15
Cortisol -20 am reading
Shbg -?

Had two MRI w contrast- came back fine
Checked for hemacrot , calcium , potassium , glucose etc … Everything came back normal
And I’m lost don’t know what to do he keeps saying I’m too young for trt but I feel like crap all my doctors n urologist are telling me I’m fine and to stop checking my hormones …would I benefit from trt … I had about 12 blood test done my highest score was 340 all am test done at 8 or 9 am… I’m pretty lean with some muscle .

Diet is good… Try eat lots of nuts n avacados… I take multivitamin , zma, protein, Vitamin c and d, I’m really hairy gotta shave everyday it’s so thick … I’m just tired off bein moody and grumpy 24/7 …
Any comment guys I would appreciate it…

Your doctors don’t really know what they are talking about.

It is like saying you have diabetes but let’s not treat it because you are too young.

Testosterone below 300 (or 250 or 350 depending on the authority) counts as hypogonadism, which is a medical condition that can affect men of any age. You should get treatment for it.

Your prolactin is at the higher end of the range. It can responsible for the way you feel, and for your
lower levels of T and probably dopamine. Normally in a male with high prolactin an MRI is performed to
rule out a prolactinoma. It seems your doctors did that, but I am bit confused as to why they gave you no
explanation (beside them being lazy)or course of action. Have a look at this site http://www.entelechyjournal.com/pulling_away_after_sex1.htm

I would try to figure out why your prolactin is so high as a first course of action. If it can be corrected
you would probably not need trt.

Hey thanks for replying at one point my prolactin was at 32 so he gave bromicriptsoused he tough bringing it down my increase my t It didn’t it went down to 5 then it was so low it was intraceable… I’ve heard not sure if it’s true that if thyroid its not functioning correctly it can increase your prolactin… ?but now that im off the bromo it went up to 15 again… My mri came back clean …another thing I Wonna mention is that I have small testes is that why their not producing enough t, or are they small cause I have low t…?