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New Guy, Getting In Shape + Leaner


Aight, I'm looking to become in much better physical shape.

I'm 6'0"/6'1"
Current weight is 182(fluctuating about 2 lbs.)
age is 16

I'm a sedentary guy(for the most part.)
I have never used a set of weights above 10 lbs.(and still can't.)
I have earned a blackbelt, and still attend the martial art 3-4 times a week for about 1 hour each time.

I'm pretty lean, but wanting to become leaner. I don't have a six pack yet, but it sometimes shows, such as when I twist or such.

Any suggestions on what I should do?


read the beginners thread and start training to gain some lean mass. How the hell do you get a black belt and cant lift 10lbs??

any way read that and maybe look at Chad Waterbury's series for MMA athletes
main thing start training be consistent. at your height and weight its more about needing to gain lean mass to get "cut" the dropping fat



I have no access to anything larger than 8 lbs. dumbells, unless you wish to count my textbooks, which aren't suited to many excersises(in which I know of.)

My martial art is mostly Tae Kwon Do, and my legs are quite muscular, and have an okay vertical jump.

I can do one handed push ups, clap push ups, two fingered push ups, two fingered one handed push up, and a few others.

Thank you for the warm welcoming also.


Add to your pushups with pullups, pistols (one legged squats), ab wheel. Check out Ross Enamait's bodyweight stuff. (Should be real good for speed for your TKD as well :wink:) He even gets to triple clap pushups! (in front of body, behind back, in front again.)


I'm a newbie myself, so take my opinion for what it's worth, but if I were you I'd definitely consider investing in a gym membership or at the very least getting a cheap used set of free weights (possibly from a garage sale). There's only so much you can do for your physique using only your bodyweight and 8 pound dumbbells.


I'm gonna have to see a 16 year old kid do two finger pushups.


I know a kid whose 17 who can do one of em. Wrestler, weighs about 108 in-season (when he can actually do the one finger pushup). Crazy, crazy shit.


I don't mind if you doubt my ability to do two fingered one handed push ups, but doubt just makes me wish to improve more.

I know I have decent genes in me for building muscle(uncle is really big), and from seeing him in a competition, I think a change of diet would do me good.

I'm going to be cutting all my little snacks out(ya know, the bag of skittles here, some carbonated drink there) and just eating all around healthier.

Tonights menu: Beef and Spinach stir fry, and afterwards some oatmeal with a bit of honey.