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New Guy from the UK


Hi guys

New guys from the UK here, just discovered this website and its a real breath of fresh air!

My current training regime centres around Waterbury's total body routine and I try to eat 5 small meals a day.

I do roughly around 300 grams of protein a day and im 5'10 203 pounds and 12/14% bodyfat depending on how disciplined I am the supplement I use are;

PHD Parma Whey
CNP Protein Bar's
Glutamine Powder (small scoop in each shake I have)
8 Fish oil tablets a day
1 Multivitamin tablet a day
HOT-ROX - occasionally - after trying xciense fat burning which were awful
Spike - occasionally

are there are any other stats you want by way of introduction? i.e lifts full diet etc?

Im not sure really why im giving all this info, I just wanted to say hello and that im hopefully going to contributing regularly!


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Welcome to the forums mate. Looks like you know a bit about what your doing already. What are your goals? Short term and Long term?

Apart from that, read, read and read some more, there's so much information in the archives. And loads of programs and diets etc..

In short, you've just found a goldmine!



id like to get down to 9-11% bodyfat whilst maintaning weight essentially nice to see other UK people on here as week!


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LOL, you said Colon!



Yeah, I really love the irony! (Not your misplaced semicolon. But rather that one would expect a place like this to be more.. Primitive. However people are often very articulate.)

It really shatters the myth that "Everyone who works out with some sort of intensity, are some stupid meathead"


I think he meant "as weak" :slight_smile:


My bet is "as well"...


No shit.


I thought he meant "all week" as if it was some sort of promotion or something.

Hi to Graeme. How much (if any?) cardio are you doing to lean out versus your offseason?


Sarcasm, meet sarcasm.


My apologies I meant "as well" serves me right for posting just before bed when I was knackered!

In terms of cardio, I go running 2 times a week before work, play football and my girlfriend is a kickboxing instructor so she trains me every now and again as well.


"when i was knackerd" !?!?!?!



Another word that doesn't work across the pond!

Knackered = Tired.



Welcome aboard bro. SOunds like you've already got a damn solid foundation. Aside from the ribbing you'll get for your occassional vernacular (silly UK bastards!), there are some right friendly and helpful folks on here (but only if you're not a 16 year old kid who weighs 140 lbs and is planning his next cut cycle).





Welcome mate. But just don't start referring to all Brits as 'English' or I'll get a bit pissed!



Kinda like that other new guy.. He got smiten goood.