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New Guy: Athlete, Saying Hi

I have been visiting T-Nation a lot the past few months reading up on all of the articles and checking the forums for information. As my first post I figured I would share my training background, information, what I am looking to improve and get some feedback.

Age: 19
Location: Pennsylvania
Height: 6â??0
Weight: 170
Training Goal: Become a better hockey player, I play mainly roller and a little ice.

Training background:
Really began training for hockey almost two years ago after not making the cut for a team and coming to the realization that to keep playing competitively and to take my game to the next level I needed to start training. At the time I was slow on the rink, a little over weight, not really looking like an athleteâ?¦

Started training, I did a lot of body weight and plyometric circuits. Exercises like body weight lunge jumps, hindu push ups, stride jumps/heidens, as well as jump rope and lots of foam rolling + stretching. Eventually I built slideboards and did a lot of stick handling and shooting. Eventually began lifting then, but dumbbells only, circuit fashion.

In October of this year I began the barbell work and the compound movements. Currently squat and bench. I am in season and lift twice a week, speed once a week, and work on skills or have hockey practice twice a week. Majority of lifting is in the higher rep range, currently around 10-12 reps.

Same Daily Food Intake:
-2oz pomegranate juice
-Smoothie (Spinach, frozen berries, banana, chia seeds, almond milk, scoop of whey)
-2 egg omelet (peppers, onions, cheese, salsa)

  • 10oz of coffee

-Chicken breast sandwich (cheese, lettuce, tomato, peppers, mustard)
-Cauliflower florets and ranch dressing

-cup of green tea
-banana and natural peanut butter
-baby carrots and humus

-Meat (chicken or beef)
-steamed broccoli
-small piece of fruit

Snack: (around 8PM)
1 cup Greek yogurt with fruit or cottage cheese and natural peanut butter

Why I am here:
-To learn
-Feed back on lifting technique
-Training Advice
-Cool Conversation

Welcome noob.
We will need to see pics and lifting numbers.

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