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New Guy - Advice All Over

Hey…Long time T-Nation reader, finally decided to get back in the gym and start lifting.

My diet is good, based around 40% Protein/40% Carbs/20% Fats…Eating around 2500 Cals a day at 208 lbs.

Been dieting for about 2 weeks solid, no cheating period.

Training looks like:

Sunday ? DE Bench
~Week 1 ? 50% for 8 sets 3 reps followed by 2 sets 5 reps with 60% (use three different grips: close, medium and wide)
~Week 2 ? 55% for 8 sets 3 reps followed by 2 sets 5 reps with 65% (use three different grips: close, medium and wide)
~Week 3 ? 60% for 8 sets 3 reps followed by 2 sets 5 reps with 70% (use three different grips: close, medium and wide)

High Intensity Triceps -Close Grip BP
High Stress Shoulders -DB Work…Flat/Incline/Floor
Low Intensity Lats/Upper Back -Row

Monday ? ME Squat/DL
1x5 @ 50% 1x3 @ 60% 1x2 @ 70% 1x1 @ 80% 1x1 @ 90% 1x1 @ 95% 1x1 @ 100%

Hamstrings -Lying Leg Curl
Low Back - Back Extensions
Abs - Roman Chair Sit-ups

Tuesday ? Low Intensity Cardio

Wednesday ? ME Bench
1x5 @ 50% 1x3 @ 60% 1x2 @ 70% 1x1 @ 80% 1x1 @ 90% 1x1 @ 95% 1x1 @ 100%

Low Intensity Triceps -Skull crushers
Low Stress Shoulders -Front/Side DB Raises
Low Intensity Lats/Upper Back -Wide Grip Lat Pull down

Thursday ? High Intensity Cardio

Friday ? DE Squat/DL
~Week 1 ? 50% for 12 sets 2 reps
~Week 2 ? 55% for 10 sets 2 reps
~Week 3 ? 60% for 8 sets 2 reps

Hamstrings -Heavy Good mornings
Low Back -Heavy Good mornings
Abs -Roman Chair Sit-ups

Saturday ? Off

Can anyone throw some advice on training? I know some might not like powerlifting, but I have a good set of friends that are into it, and its just easier to lift when you got help supporting you.

My gym doesnt have a GHR sadly…so thats why the leg curls are there…

I’ve never took supplements before, I’m tired of being the dog in the back of the pack…everyones on creatine that I know and have been getting stronger…and I’m just not going to keep up. My diet is solid, my training is solid…so I think I’m ready for a bit of supplementation.

  1. Universal Animal Pump
  2. Universal Animal Stak 2
  3. Universal Animal Pak
  4. Biotest’s BETA-7

Can anyone recommend anything else or any other way to get the same results cheaper?


Ok, well, seems adequate for now, except…

On DE bench day, your “high stress shoulders” seems more like another bench/tricep movement as you mention flat/incline/floor db work. Either make it true shoulder raise /overhead press work, or call it triceps work.

Ditch the lying leg curls. Seriously. In lieu of a GHR you could do lunges, or step ups. Or pull throughs. Or a deadlift variation. Leg curls are the worst alternate exercise to GHRs I can think of for serious hamstring work.

As a side note, make sure to balance your back work with your total press work. That might be one factor in favor of making your DE shoulders real shoulder raise/press work instead of another bench/tri/flat plane movement. Or you could just get some extra back work in on a recovery/extra session. Just cover the basics and balance your training while you get back into things at first.

It seems from your template, at least, as though you’re familiar with how to put together an ok program. Or you took the elitefts manuals. Probably both.

I don’t know how long your lay-off was, but I’d encourage against doing true max work for the first month at least if it’s been a long while off. Shocking a dull system with the tension of a true max is a good way to rip something. Recondition first. Anyway, I’m sure others will have good advice.

Beta 7’s good stuff. I don’t have any experience with Animal Pak items. I vote for creatine as your staple supp besides protein and carbs for post workout. Dirt cheap and it works great.

If you want to get Beta 7 too, it’ll work, but you’d better not miss doses, or it will be mightily reduced in effect. That’s been my experience anyway.

And you’re not eating enough. I don’t know how big you are, but I’ll lay odds if you’re below 175 that calorie intake is looow for strength gains. Make it good healthy food and you won’t put on too much lard. I say start up at 3000 and monitor from there.

EDIT: Ok, I missed the part when you wrote down your weight. Long freaking day. Unless you are absolutely fat, 2500 is probably way too low.