New Guy - A Few Questions

They didnt tell me to be fasted for 12 hours. I drank the smoothie because I get light headed on blood draws.

Is it a blood thing? And they should have told you LOL

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Now I know lol it’s not really the blood. I never had a problem until I was donating platlettes or plasma (can’t remember which) in high school and passed out since I hadn’t eaten that morning and I was hooked up to their machine for awhile. Ever since then, I’ve had issues with draws.

Not a pint for a draw though, just a small tube. Shouldn’t cause an issue if you aren’t queasy about blood in and of itself.

I used to pass out and then other times I would not.

First blood test for blood work on TRT they stuck needle in my arm and I got queasy and had to stop. They laid me back. They started a conversation and took the blood minutes later. I focused on the talk and didn’t even realize they took 3 vials of blood.

My 2nd draw was much easier. I did the same. Laid back with feet up and this time the needle did not generate a queasy feeling. I did not look at my arm or the blood being drawn and had a quick conversation with the guy.

Hope that helps. Put your feet up and tell them to lay you down on your back. Don’t think about or look when they start taking the blood. Just start talking to whoever’s in the room to keep your mind off it. your mind cannot focus on two things at once. The moment you stop talking and focus on the blood, is the moment you allow the fear to creep back in.

It is mostly mental. I was so sure it was hydration or they are taking too much blood. I was wrong. Now I’m getting used to it and the 3rd time should be much much easier.

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Yeah, I noticed that if I watch them take the blood, it’s as if I can feel the blood rush from my head and out of my arm haha its definitely mental, I just dont think it’s the actual sight of my blood that’s the issue.

I feel like it’s more the fear of passing out again.

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Yup but it’s mental that’s the point

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Ha you guys…imagine the 16 gauge needle I get stuck with all the time for platelet donations! They take a big bag of platelets too! And it takes an hour.

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oh god screw that. why do yo subject yourself to this? High hct due to trt?

A) I have natural high platelets so I am a great donor.
B) Science can’t make them yet so they have to come from donors.
C) My daughter spent time at Children’s so its a way to give back.
D) Needles don’t bother me. Been donating something since I was 17.
E) I find the quiet time quiet relaxing. I walk out feeling recharged.

Cool that’s interesting has no clue .

They use an apheresis machine to do it. They pull blood out, spin it to separate it into parts, take the platelets out, mix your other cells with saline, and push it back into you. This way you aren’t losing any volume. A weird part of it is the saline is room temperature so you can feel it coursing through your artery a bit when it comes back in. Fascinating.

Haha that’s just weird Doctor Frankenstein stuff to me. I could do it if it was my daughter: I’m sure I could. But any other reason I might puss out

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That’s what I was donating in high school. It was when it started going back in that I started feeling weird.

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Considering I have a cadaver’s ACL in my knee the donations are nothing. :smiley:

Damn ok when you put it like that… sure isn’t

My doctor recommended taking DIM when I asked about taking an AI. She said she’s willing to prescribe an AI if I decide to go that route. Just now starting to research DIM.

DIM helps estrogen metabolism, it won’t lower estrogen. If estrogen is high and you are experiencing symptoms, using DIM would be like trying to put out a house fire with a garden hose.

So I just picked up my prescription for anastrozole and it’s for .5mg twice per week.

Does this dosing seem like a good starting place? They had me at max dosage for my HCG and dont want to immediately crash myself with this. I’m doing my own research as well, just wanting others opinions.

You can cut the pills in half and take .25 x 2 a week

Are you having sides ?