New Gucci Mane


I think Gucci should start releasing instrumental cds… IMO he is one of the worst rappers out there but I love the beats…


Good beat, at times I can’t help but like Gucci’s stuff. He’s good stupid.

somehow he’s really blowing up right now

he did a remix with mariah carey and they made a video for it. i would never picture those two working together, i think they got him just for the adlibs.

they did the same thing with OJ Da Juiceman on his song with Jada, dude spits like 8 bars and Ad Libs the rest of the track. AY AY OK!

Wow that guy cannot rap at all, he sounds terrible.

like movies for the blind

hooga moogly woogy wagga magaga wgawgwogkwagokrwaogkwraogkrawovkbmaba yeaaaaaa

I’ve heard him on a Lil Wayne track where he was actually good.

It’s like the guy can rap, but chooses to sound like shit.

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
somehow he’s really blowing up right now

Guy puts out more mixtapes than any other rapper, plus his backstory is rather compelling (which still matters to some fans for some reason).

He has his brightspots, but I really don’t think he warrants big level success, atleast until he becomes more full rounded and even then I don’t think his aesthetic is superstar material anyway.

See that’s the problem with music in the internet age. People said that it would open up the market to artists with talent (as if there was ever a problem), but all it really did was open the market up to artists that can put out material quickly and consistently which having a half cooked persona/aesthetic. I was fine with Weezy getting popular this way, but between Charles Hamilton and Kid Cudi, and to an extent Gucci, it’s getting hard to look at the internet as being a place where talent rises above all.

Anyway I’m ranting now, so I’ll just stop here. The song wasn’t bad :).

[quote]DOHCrazy wrote:

Yeah I heard that a few weeks back too. The guy does have his moments like I said. He sounds alright on there.

i love gucci mane. hes funny as hell, and hes real too. hes a badass


[quote]DOHCrazy wrote:

cause weezy can afford hot beats

anyone can rap good on a hot beat cause no one is listening to the lyrics

LOL@ u niggas softer than roseanne’s son haaaaaaa

Gucci Feat Project Pat

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:

anyone can rap good on a hot beat cause no one is listening to the lyrics


Not true:

In any case, rappers can rap over good beats for free, just make a mixtape using the beats from some famous songs and put it on the net for free. So it’s not like there’s an excuse for guys who think they’re good enough to hit big…

That beat had potential but had absolutely no base. I have my sub up all the way and it barely hits.

And yah Gucci sounds terrible.