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New Grow! Results Feedback?


He all,

Couldn't find any results feedback. Recovery, weight gain etc... Anyone?




The texture and taste are better... but it's still just protein. Tasty protein though.




I am not sure what it is but GROW! seems to clump together when you mix it. When i had Metabolic Drive it mixed great. Overall GROW! is a good product at a good price. I have noticed some good gains as far as strength goes. I didnâ??t notice any performance or recovery issues when comparing the two products GROW! and Metabolic Drive. I will be switching back to Metabolic Drive for my next order because i don't like the protein clumping together.


I like the "natural" flavor for mixing in already-flavored foods like yogurt.


I've never had any problem with Grow! clumping together at all ... even when I mix it in with my morn. oatmeal I don't find clumps.

I'm w/ Chimera and JF


I find the Chocolate gets clumpier than the Natural or Vanilla. And it gets extremely bad when mixed with Olive Oil so I stopped putting the Oil in my protein shake. Not sure if thats all proteins or something about Grow!

Once I get a better job I hope to switch to Metabolic Drive though.


Thanks for the feedback T-Nation


didn't realize yogurt is normally flavored :wink:

I mix in chocolate Grow! with greek yogurt just about daily. Only way I can eat plain yogurt


Hey guys not to derail this or whatever, but I figured I might as well save some space and ask here..

I'm re-upping on Biotest protein again (just finished 2 containers of low carb Metabolic Drive) and I was just wondering about which of the proteins that Biotest sells would be the best choice for me. I DO use protein shakes as a meal (I have 3 shakes and 3 regular meals per day).

Does that mean I should using the Metabolic Drive complete? Or would the low carb still be better for me? I'm just trying to put on size while losing bf % at the same time. I'm NOT doing a bulk phase. Thanks for the help!


I usually mix the vanilla in with my oatmeal .. tried the chocolate this morning w/ oatmeal + banana = motherfuckin' win!


If you're trying to lose a little bf, you might want to opt for the low carb version so that you can better control your carb intake. I do like the complete version quite a bit, but it always feels like I've eaten more by instead using 2 scoops of the low carb AND having a bowl of oatmeal with it.



Maybe I can just buy 1 of each instead of 2 of the same and take Metabolic Drive Complete during the day pre workout, then take the Metabolic Drive Low-Carb post workout. Like I said, I'm using the Metabolic Drive Low-Carb as a meal (2 scoops usually) 3 times a day so if that's bad for me then I want to get the Metabolic Drive Complete.