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New Grow! Bar Flavors


Does anyone know when they are coming out with knew Grow! bar flavors? I am going to get some Grow! bars just i dont want to order them and then tomorrow they come out with two awesome flavors. I heard they had a vote on the flavors i just wanted to know if anyone knew when they were coming out.



Customer service said they have a no timetable for the release of the peanut butter Grow! bars.

Personally, I ended up ordering the chocolate b/c it still seemed like it was going to be a while for the other flavors.


You'll have plenty of time to devour a case of chocolate brownie Grow! Protein Bars before additional flavors are released.


Are there any nutrtional facts about these bars? On the website it shows little pictures of them but you cant enlarge the images so I have no idea what the fat, carb or calorie intake is on them.


click on that lil image and a widow with a readable image then pops up