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New Gov. Exercise Recommendations

In its new health report, the government is now suggesting that overweight Americans work out 90 minutes a day, 3 days a week!

“The number of overweight and obese Americans is growing at an alarming rate, the panel said, which is why they included the advice recommending 60 and 90-minute daily exercise regimes in their report.”


How does everyone feel about this? 90 minutes is a long time, especially for an overweight person…

Fork Putdowns and Table Pushaways should be the mainstay of every obese American’s work out plan.

They’re two movements that are multijointed, increase metabolism, and give you more will power than 20rep squats.


My high school anatomy teacher put it best,
“Overweight people need to go to a gym. Once there, they need to work out their triceps. That way they’ll be able to push themselves away from the table after one serving.”

There is quite a disconnect between what the folks who visit this website would consider physical activity and what the government considers physical activity. Streching counts? If you big and fat enough, just reaching around to scratch your ass probably gives you a good enough workout according to government standards.

isn’t eating a physical activity?!

[quote]miniross wrote:
isn’t eating a physical activity?![/quote]

I know some people who get to their target heart rate just by looking at a box of donuts!