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New Gladiator Hotties

I know the show can be corny at times, but with these added gladiators I will be tuning in often:


Jet is the contender who won the show last year and although she looked great last year, she looks phenomenal on the show. Phoenix looks to be a former track star at Kansas through a quick google search. And who could forget Crush, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The pictures don’t do these girls justice, you need to see them in action! The show is worth tuning in for these three alone.

I watched for a few minutes last night, and all I could think about was how small Hulk’s legs were. Brother’s got no wheels.

Jet is indeed quite nice, hell of a midsection.

Crush is still my favorite, although those website pictures indicate she put on some soft-weight since last season. I love her, either way.

Rocket is eternally gay, there’s nothing they can do about that. That show could have him grow a full beard and cover him in motor oil, and he’d still be flamboyantly gay. I hope they put him in some events besides The Wall, so his meekness can get exploited.

I only caught the last Eliminator last night, and… a guy with 1 leg? Seriously?

I understand it was supposed to be motivational, but it was just unfair. At least put him against another guy with a similar handicap if you’re going to do that. A guy with an above-the-knee amputation is going to have a hell of a time climbing a cargo net, or running up The Travelator, or walking a fucking tight-rope. It seemed an odd choice, although I do commend the guys efforts.

I’ve yet to see a single episode of Gladiators. I want to, but I don’t have time on Sundays unless its past 11pm.

Why waste an hour watching bullshit just to catch a few glimpses of hot trim when you can watch a porn for 5 minutes and be done with it? Seems like time that could be better spent killing people as Niko Bellic.

Rocket has got to go. He is not a Gladiator. Give me a fucking break.

Pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that Militia used to work in gay porn. Just thought I’d throw that out there with the way this thread turned out.

Also is Rocket the guy that won season 1 or whatever? I remember one of the prizes being a chance to become a future gladiator. 5’10 160, wonder if he’s cutting?

Edit: Watching E:60 on ESPN and Crush is about to have a section of the show done about her, thread was still fresh in my mind so if anyone is reading around now(7:10 est) you can catch it.

My friend went to the filming he loved it.

he’s like 5’4 but has a huge crush on Helga (6’1, 205) lol

Apparently they are disowning Erin “Steel” Toughill because she has a police record for beating up her husband lol.

Phoenix = hot.

It looks like they got rid of Fury which is a shame because she was hot as heck!

Crush is the best. She’s hot as hell, and always looks like she’s having fun.

Siren is near and dear to my heart - she’s a Cleveland GIRL!