New Girlfriend & Number of Partners

Didn’t know who else to talk to so I thought I ask the largest group of people I know.

I met a girl a few months ago….yeah it’s like that.
Everything has been cool and we have been spending all our time together. Talking, taking day trips, going out and the normal stuff.

She is 19 and a sophomore in college and I’m 22. So Friday we were having dinner and talking and I asked her who else she had slept with because I never thought it would bother me. Her answer was 3 making me 4 and I felt the world stop spinning.

Am I being an asshole about it or does that seem high. I guess it can’t be too high as my count is 7 but I just assumed it would be 2. One in high school and one in college.

Anyway what do you all think about this. Is her number too high? I’ve read that 4 is the median for woman so…. I’m sure I’ve been with other girls that have a higher number but I like this one and feel conflicted.

Stay in school and study hard. At your age really take the time to understand opportunity cost. This will differentiate you from your peers. Your mind is focused on the wrong stuff.

You are young, your brain still developing, so this is understandable. Move forward.

Take that energy and invest in something worthwhile. Make sure you have your partners tested and use caution so you don’t live the rest of your life with STD. Invest in your future. Invest in yourself. Focus.


Just note that an autombile’s windshield is very much larger than the rear view mirror. What’s ahead is much more important than what is behind.


What matters is if it’s too high for you. Is it?

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Beware of the lies by omission.

Sleeping with 4 isnt bad. Even if it was all at once. Its the dozen or so that she was awake with that you need to worry about.

Then oral. Add another dozen. And anal. Theres another 5 or 6 at least.

And multiples. Trains, etc.

You have to really drill down on that shit to get an honest total.


The answer is yes. My answer to her would be to stay away from judgemental ass.


Sounds like a picturesque picnic down by the lake. Wonderful sunday afternoon.

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I’ll also add to my previous post with reiterating what I just mentioned: personal consideration. Do you consider that number high for a nineteen year old woman? At 22 years of old, judging from my life experience, knowledge of women, observation up until then, I’d say, no, three is not too high.

As a 43-year-old man with my current knowledge, experience, and observation, I consider it high for a nineteen-year-old woman. But that’s me. I’d consider more than one too high if I knew at 22 what I know now. But that doesn’t mean I’d dump the woman. I would quiz her for an explanation and what is her outlook on sex and what she believes a relationship with a man should be like. Then I’d make my final decision depending on what she said.

I don’t think you’re being an a___ considering what hefty sex-partner counts have been shown to do to women, specifically a decreased pair-bonding ability.

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Agreed, I kinda lost my cool and took a deep dive into it all. I do believe her.

The conversation was pretty heavy.

It makes me uncomfortable, She explained all the circumstances and I felt a little better. Her first boyfriend/ love was in high school and his family ended up having to move out of state suddenly due to a job relocation of his parents. Her 2nd was a year later as a senior. They broke up when he left for college. The 3rd was last year in college to a guy that lied to her and was seeing another girl at the same time. With all that said I feel a little better but still kinda passed off

Got it. You can see my other post.

I think you meant to respond to @ChickenLittle .

I’m all for women having as much fun as men. I was basically a human popsicle from 13 onward, and I know a lot of those girls went on to meet nice guys and have nice marriages and never divulged where or how they got those python wrestling skills.

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It’s important to ask her how you “Measure Up” compared to these other guys.

Definitely ask about that soon.


In a fair and just world @castoli would set you up with some type of royalty system given your sacrifice. Every little bit helps these days and passive income is passive income.

See @Fuchsfox911 …opportunity cost is important. 10,000 hour rule and all that.

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Thats a question i would never ask as its also not an answer i would ever give


Call me altruistic, but I couldn’t accept. Some things just need done for the greater good.


I wouldn’t ask unless you could easily get a job as an actor in a certain industry.

That one is just a mine field. Many women are very off on the high side about their previous partners (probably the fault of previous partner). Be careful what you believe. In a group, this girl mentioned that two of her previous partners were 9". She was quite confident, so I told her I’d bet my house that they were not.


This only gets worse as you age usually. You are young. She is young. I would focus on your career and establishing yourself.

Now, the numbers deal has never been an issue to me. I don’t dive down that deep into the psychoanalyzing of number of sexual partners. I mean if we are hitting like 50+ and heading towards triple digits - that is another story.

But a handful? Nah.

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Accept it and donate it.

Once the great @castoli has spoken, it is done.


That is a cool idea. Set up the @SkyzykS training academy for the Greater Good. You could be honorary Professor Xavier for the Kielbasa Xenthusiasts.

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