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new girl

I met this new girl at my gym that I work at. Shes cute, so I asked her out last week. She had broken up with her boyfriend two weeks ago. I called her up the day we were supposed to go out and she said, “I don’t think I’m ready to date”.
What the Fuck?

Bill, it may be that she got nervous or whatever and just freaked sideways at the thought of having to go through the whole dating thing again. Or, she realized that she’s fresh out from a breakup and needs some more time before she can be fair enough to another guy without suffering from rebound. Don’t take it personally, and another chance with either someone else or possibly her willl come along. It’s a small punch in the ego gut but you just gotta shrug it off.

Dude keep talkin to her and be nice. Don’t be an ass who knows when she wants to date again you might be up to bat.

Yeah women are fucked what can we do

You are not attractive to her but as usually she does not have the guts to tell you so so she has to pull out the oldest tricks in the game. Do yourself a favour and move on - you are obviously better person than her.

Bionic is right. She just needs more time to get over the breakup. It’s not like she just sold a car or something. Usually there is a bit of confused feelings and shit that takes time to get straightened out in her head. That’s one of the best reasons to not get involved with somebody when you or they are on the rebound from a break up.

she hasn’t been to the gym in a while, or shes avoiding me.
someone needs her car smashed up :slight_smile:
im just messin, im over her.

Take her at her word and leave her alone, or you’ll end up having to find a new gym because you are to embarrased to go back to that one.

uh, Earth to Bill. Take a look in the mirror; someone’s been beaten by the Ugly Stick and it ain’t her!

acutally numb-nuts, I found out from her best friend she’s back with her boyfriend.
earth to ratso, tell your mother, if she doesn’t wanna wake up sore, then she doesn’t wanna be my whore!

It’s called “normal”. Not “f___”

Classic, but still a good one Ratso.“tell your mother, if she doesn’t wanna wake up sore, then she doesn’t wanna be my whore!” That’s funny. C’mon ratso I need to hear a better come back :wink: I know you got it in you.
BTW Bill h, good thing you didn’t say that to me cuz’ my momma’s dead and I’d have to kill ya’…

LMOA! Thanks for the call out, I didn’t realize this was still going. I musta been in the crapper, taking dump, wipin’ my bill h. haha!

You mean to tell me he called yo’ mama’ his ho and you didn’t even know it. Ever since I made my post about my situation I read all the threads bc I never know who could be slandering me. Anyway, “wipin’ your bill h…” not bad. Keep an eye on the posts, especially when you bust on somebody or I’ll have to kick your bill h :wink: I must admit, even though its childish, this shit cracks me up! Later man.

LMFAO! I burst out laughing! Thanks guys really freaking funny. Wiping my Bill h. Hahaha! Bill, yours was good too. I love it.

Did you “ya wanna go out sometime?” her or did you ask her to do something specific?