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New Girl on the Block, Advice for Saggy Boobs?


Any suggestions for how to combat saggy boobs, now that I am approaching 50?


I sent you an e-mail, but I’ll let you know here as well.

If this is a serious post, no one needs to see your boobs to give advice. Stop trying to post them.

If you’re a troll (8.5/10 likelihood), shoo. Scram. Geddafukouttahere.


Our hero! Way to take one for team! Thank you for saving us from that!


No one needs to see a 14 year olds ribs either to give advice but I don’t see them getting blocked.

Let there be boobs!


NOooo! If I want to see saggy boobs I’ll find a mirror!


I was just about to post a forum topic looking for advice about my saggy left buttock, with both flexed and relaxed pics from a variety of angles. The Forum Director’s response to this thread has me re-thinking this… now I’m confused as to what to do.


I feel oppressed and shamed.

Also offended and sexually harassed.


Now I feel an explanation is in order: I didn’t “like” your comment because I think it’s true; I just thought it was funny.



You need to perfect the art of the humble brag, while sounding like you’re trying to be helpful, CL.

Like this.

My boobs are still really perky, but if they needed help, I’d buy pretty supportive bras.


…always wondered about the origin of your moniker… :slight_smile:


My work here I done :rofl:


Wow! You are sooooo good at this!

Stupid story warning… :roll_eyes:
I ordered a couple of things from amazon this week. Went to the PO to pick them up, and got a stern warning from the postmaster (Wayne) about ordering clothes online. “They never fit and you have to send them back.”
I had already ordered a couple of new sports bras. The next day I go to pick them up and the lil short, fat, bald guy was at the counter. He is always curious as to what is in the packages. I told him that I had ordered clothes against Wayne’s strict advice not to! Wayne yells from the back, " see you tomorrow Kim! When you bring them back!"
Two days later go back to the PO…
Wayne: Uh huh! Bringing the clothes to send back?"
Me: No, fit fine.
Wayne: Huh! That’s unusual. Most women send them back at least once.
Me: Well… it’s not to shop for a stick!
Wayne: (speechless) uh, well, uh, yeah, you don’t fluctuate much, you stay pretty much the same size.

Yep! Priceless! He didn’t know what to say…lol

Anyway, moral of the story… you are exactly right! A cute new bra will perk them right up!


As a prominent boob researcher, I was really hoping this thread was going to be my place to shine and give advice. It’s too bad, because you won’t find many people with my level of boob expertise on the internet.


I’m sure you are!


Already a great thread.


Well, Powerpec would have been good, but no.

@ChickenLittle, I got this new bikini top for free over in the Steroid Forum.



Wow! I have always wanted a furry bra! Keep the girls nice and warm…lol
I knew you were working on your powerlifting belly, I just didn’t realize you had taken it THAT far! No wonder you are so strong now! I am going to pop ovr to the steroid section to see if I can get one too!
I am so jealous!


These stories of your hometown make me think of Mayberry.


I’m living the dream!