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New Gimp Aboard!


Well I finally decided to take the plunge and join the T-Nation crowd. I have been lurking for over a month, and....

After reading much of this forum, I just couldnt contain myself any longer, and let the mockery continue, without my collective input and insight.

Let me introduce myself; as my name implys I am a GIMP, confined to the use of a wheelchair, and the Not Limp is referring to my ability to stand up in the way that really matters, because I have been often asked by the ladies if it works, so the answer is yes I can raise to the occasion, thank you! Other features include, a sharp tongued witt, a strong interest in the manly persuits of the female, lawn darts, and general senseless acts. Well enough for now, I am sure you will be getting piece of me soon enough!


Welcome aboard. I have a brother in a chair, so I know the proper etiquette when addressing people in chairs, like no pushing down steps, and no surprise games of dodgebrick.

Funny thing, his break wasn't a full sever, and that same question about rising to the occasion has segueed into getting a lot of play.


You like women, sharp objects, and senselessness? You'll fit in just fine. Welcome.


I have a question to ask, and may display some ignorance, or just a difference in language between countries, but I have never heard the term gimp in relation to a person in a chair.

Is this a term used commonly to identify people in a wheelchair, is it considered derogatory, is it used by people in chairs to describe themselves.

I apologise for my ignorance, but your statement just aroused my curiosity in this regard.


Well I am glad I was able to arouse you in that way :slightly_smiling:

Within one of my groups of many disabled and those that know us well, we often use the term GIMP to disguinish ourselves, its actually quite common in the wheelchair non PC segment of things. Many consider it derogatory, but its not big deal, unless some ass is using it to
to make us seem less then human, then they are just... well an ass.


Great respect man. Keep Wheelin'. I look forward to hearing more about you.


Same. This summer we had a group of about 10 quadrapulegics (SP?) go out kayaking out of the place I worked at. It was truly inspiring.


Thanks for the explanation. And please note, I am pretty sure that my curiosity is the only thing that you can arouse.


I'm sure you'll get along just fine, as long as it wasn't inbreeding that got you into that chair, and it's the ladies that make you hard.

Actually, inbreeding probably wouldn't rule you out as a T-man..........

\|/ 3Toes


Your welcome.......

Well you are at least pretty sure, so are you telling me theres a chance. lol :slight_smile:


Glad you showed up! My last bike race I was nearly beaten by a guy on a handbike. I only passed him the last couple miles. He and I both finished near thwe top of the pack and he easily averaged 18mph.

That was some serious strength. You've found the right place to help you achieve yours.


Well the more profound you will find, is that I have a muscular degenerative illness, and one might figure this is the last place i would be hanging, its funny in a way(I cant even pump iron)

I find a great interest in sports, the training and nutriention in them, etc. When I was younger and could do more I was involved in the physical activities that I still could do, and would challenge myself not to give up on anything(aways been very competitive).

So it seems I have the whole T-mentality going on and still have a passion toward the whole reaching your potential philosophy, which probably got me hooked here. I am involved currently in a wheelchair hockey league, I help coach and captain my team,(its been really rewarding helping these young men achive a greater potential), I strive to help others when i see a potential in them.