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New GF is Throwing Monkey Wrench in my System


I'm tired of these woman who just hold me back from my goals. what!? 7 meals a day?
she wants to go out on the days I need to train, which btw, is every 4-5 days (firm believer of hit training). if she cant compromise and understand that if I have to train that day, there is no sex and no going out. It's priority for me. she's complaining that I have to invest so much time in my diet and I get pissed off if I dont eat on time. I told her this shit from the get go. from the first date. but she likes the way I look and I tell her that if she wants me to conitnue to look good, she has to compromise. I dont go to bars, stay at home and watch sports all day, go with my buddies at night, or play cards, but for me training/diet is priority in my life. she keeps throwing these "yea, but you look fine now" BS and its driving me crazy. if youve never done the BB/diet thing before you cant understand it is what I say to her. No I trained before is what she says..yea, you go for leisure..I go to work. it's not recreation time for me when I go to the gym. Im there to do what I need to and get out.

I would be willing to give up on everything in my life. have no contact with friends/family to train and eat and she cant understand this. sleep eat shit train and thats it. shes throwing a monkey wrench in my whole system. this is my world right now and she's slowly trying to change me and its pissing me off. I whipped out my shaker the first hour I was with her and explained on the phone that is my world. Im not going into competition, but I feel if your going to do something than do it with commitment. it's not going to last long.


Ah, there you are. As I was saying... No sex????


stop whining. You accepted the responsibilities that come with training so frequently so you have to deal with it. Either find a girl who fits in with your way of life and understands you. Or stop training so frequently and loosen up a bit. Your choice.


Yea, no sex or my workouts take a hit. I feel tired. we can F***any other day(not you and me HAHA), but training day is priority. what, am I asking for so much if one day in every 4-5 days that we cant go out or have sex..? you know there are other ways to get pleased. Im quite good with my tongue :wink:

If she wants to be with me than she will have to compromise. I can understand if I trained 3/4/5 days a week, than that would be an issue and maybe having a GF is problematic but shes slowly trying to change me..I need to find a GF who can deal with this otherwise I have no problem being on my own.


Im a whinner by nature (Virgo) so frequently..? every 4-5 days to train is frequent..? and yes, youre right I need to find someone who can fit in my life. well said.


wrong girl for you whats your confusion here?


You sound like one of those guys that's been really into fitness for a month and right now thinks it's the most important thing in the world to them. You'll learn the wrong way very soon that balance is key in all things you do.

So unless you're going to be stepping on the Olympia stage (you're not, you don't have to answer that question) I'd advise you to have some fun and realize that the gym isn't everything.


Yes, wrong girl for me. guilt is the problem. I dont know how to cut it off. and ive been training for 14 months now. till I hit 2 years of training im not letting up. My diet is super clean, only cheated once on my diet..ate sushi. and no, I dont have the genetics for the olympia, nor the wallet.


I think you missed my point. What I meant was while you may find that special girl that shares your vision on your 14 month old choice in lifestyle, it's likely you're going to have to make some compromise. Seeing as compromise doesn't appear to be a word in your vocabulary, I was insinuating that you're the problem...not your new girlfriend.


You would be willing to give up everything in life including contact with friends and family to just train? Stop being such a tool and ligthen up man. Stop being so one dimensional or your gf is going to break up with you. And stop eating 7 fuckin times a day. Oh and you can still have sex AFTER you workout. Don't tell me you're too tired to bone an hour or two after lifting


Since when is sushi a cheat food?

Bud, if you can't (or won't) fuck and train on the same day, then you're taking this WAY too seriously.


Srsly, this guy is acting like Ronnie C a week out from Mr Olympia


Doesn't anyone understand that the OP is a solemn monk in the temple of iron?


u may be right. I haven't had a gf for 2 years as I wasn't ready for one. I think it may be best I stay on my own. btw I trained years ago and had a bike accident. commited training/diet is not something new.


howd you get the girlfriend in the first place? you meet her at the gym?


You don't have sex when you're going to train, which is one out of every 4-5 days? Am I reading that correctly?


Sushi is not a cheat food, but what im saying is my diet has been the same for 14 months and the only hting other than that was sushi. 7 meals is not a lot. there are some that eat every 2 hours.

Hilarious-monk in a temple..hilarious. and Ronnie Coleman..haha..good stuff.

it would be great if she broke up with me. that would take the weight off my shoulders. but she wont, i'll have to do it. and no I dont feel like fucking after my workouts dude. Im completely exhausted. after leg workouts I feel like throwing up and can hardly stand and you want me to fuck..no.


Met her on a dating website. she didnt stop sending me notes. we hit it off when we first spoke. 3 hour convo. driving to her is tiring though. I just dont know how to kill because I know its going to get worse.


You sound like a bitch, just my humble opinion.


Why do you feel like you need to throw up after leg workouts? I can understand being tired, but throwing up???? C'mon man. Are you doing 100 rep squats or something? I seriously don't think you should be feeling the urge to throw up after workout. You should feel good