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new gf 1 month present?

hmmm…ive just met a really cool, very attractive girl in the last month, its been a rather laid back relationship as we are both crazy busy at the moment with varsity.
anyway, its going to be 1 month in a few days, i was hoping for some ideas for a “laid back but kinda cool (and cheap” gift.
i dont want to freak her out by getting her a massive gift cause the relationship isnt like that. any ideas welcome

GIRLS LOVE FLOWERS!!! And maybe a card or somethin.

Why don’t you get her a flower (nothing extravagent - no red roses) or a card. Or make a card. Something simple. Or tickets to a play or sporting event or something the two of you can enjoy together.

Giving any significance to one month screams “stalker”!

Have something special in the glove box of your car - whenever SHE mentions an anniversary, give the gift to her THEN.

A severed animal head, particularly that of her cherished pet says “I’m sensitive to the things you enjoy” and “I appreciate a well-honed knife.”

MBE: “Dawg fuud. Since 1905. JADABB founder, 2002.”


How 'bout a slap on the back followed by a “hey, you’ve put up with me for a whole month!”…and then buy her a beer.

Or how about, “We’ve been going out for a month which means: I MUST have seen you PMSing. All in all you didnt annoy me that much. Buy me a beer and lets celebrate.”

I think a great idea would be to show up at her house with some flowers, and then take her out dinner and maybe follow up with a movie.

I don’t think you should get her anything. I think you’ve done more than enough just knowing when your one month is.

Critical to use phrases/words for awkward moments during said enchanted eve:

1)Kid, you got moxie.
2) So when I look at a relationship, I imagine the worst case scenario, this really isn’t.
3)You’re a standup broad, y’know that?
4) tolerable, turn-the-other-cheek, cost-benefit analysis, mitigate, apathetic, JADABB, ect.

MBE: “And all you got was this lousy post since 1554. JADABB founder, 2002.”


Okay okay, to satisfy myself, Patricia, Sewerhooker and Emily; Bring her the pet head along with a beer and a half (so she can buy you another one), along with a calender in accordance with the month you’ve been dating. Ring her doorbell and do not say a thing. Just stand there. Grin a lot.

MBE: “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit postin’. Since 1979.”


Okay, okay: MBE - YOU made me do it…

Better yet, post said pet animal head on your car's hood ornament and see if she notices as you drive her to a nice picnic spot. Make sure you bring along plenty of beer in a cooler...

PS: "Better than a Hallmark card since 1972.." - Patricia

A collection of your bodily fluids in several separate jars would really tell her something about your feelings.

ok…im kinda torn between cutting off her stupid cats head and sending it to her in a box, or possibly a wide collection on my bodys waste, sorted into different catagories depending on colour and texture.

i was alos thinking about giving her a motor bike helmet with a note attached saying something along the lines of “wear this cause im going to kick your stupid arse to the curb any second”

nothing like romance to spice up a relationship i guess

A candle. and a card too. not too many words.

Nothing says that you truly give a shit about someone like a jar full of your excrement.

Don’t get her shit…it’s no milestone…Save your cash and go get drunk.

Pull a Vincent Van Goug and give her your ear - that won’t freak her out much.

Seriously, if you can find one, a brass, perpetual calendar. They are small, about the size of a silver dollar and they tell the day and date forever. Give her that will a short poem saying she will be in your heart until the end of time.

Well Pat seems to dislike the body substance route and Specter’s gesture is slick, however the poem idea lapses on the basis that one month does not really qualify for an “end of time” connotation (in MOST cases. My Grandfather proposed to my Grandmother after 2 months). So now what do we have? Obnoxious cat skull and various assorted chemical relics of your flesh. I beleive a poem may be the answer to bringing this all together:
I took your pussy
to give you head
a little bit
of blood was shed
my nutrients
are fortified
so you can see
how I feel inside
in these jars
are remnants of me
parts of my soul
and a gallon of pee
one whole month
it passed so quick
now let’s go upstairs
so you can (Fill it in, bright eyes)

MBE: “Crappanova, since 1422.”


OK, after MBE wrote such a fine piece of poetry it is only fair that I give it a try as well:
Your brown eyes resemble the color of my shit/ true love is encased in this jar full of spit Also this pint of blood will let you see/ how truly joyfull you make me be And the little amp filled with my sperm/ resembles our bond which is so firm That no one can break it even if they try/ my sweat in a cup is the reason why Like the jar containing my puss/ our love is a hurricane abruptly let loose. You could also rap to this.