New Gears of War Maps

For the GoW fans, new maps are reported to be emerging Thursday the third.

Looks like we’ll have to pay for them this time, but the total cost is about $10 (800 MS$). The word is you can wait until later in the year (Sept) to get them free, but I can’t imagine waiting at this point.

Thought you’d like to know.

Sweet. I heard that MS was wanting to charge for the maps. That is just like them. It obviously sucks for the people that don’t have the maps when a match gets to that new map. I think that was the logic of making them free the first time.

I’ll check you out in about a week cause my 360 died! Stupid MS.

Oh yes, I’ve downloaded the maps and they are excellent (except I really really hate “Bullet Marsh”.

Its all about the fucking bullet marsh!!!


I JUST got the box from MS to send the busted machine back. It was supposed to take 2 days and it took six. I’m going to Japan on the 17th so I hope I get it back before that!!

Buffd and smeg what are your GT’s?

[quote]smeb wrote:
Its all about the fucking bullet marsh!!![/quote]

Personally, I like the Garden and the Processing Plant myself.