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New Gains and Training, Nutrition, and Recovery...


So here's the scoop. I'm making a pretty good amount of gains right now and want to keep momentum on my side. I'm starting to slow down a bit I've been bulking for 3 weeks and previously before that I was at the end of my cut. My body stats as of the end of my cut: 5'3 141lbs 4-5%BF.Arms-14.25, Chest-41,Thighs-21 Calves-13.75, Waist 26. My stats now: 150lbs 7-9%BF. Arms-15, Chest-43, Thighs-23, Calves-14, Waist-28.5, and my shoulders and traps have exploded!.

Pretty good amount of gains, but I've noticed throughout the day I hold a TON of water, but I look pretty shredded right when I wake up, but during the day I look like I'm 12% at times. I'm training each muscle twice a week. I've gotten significantly stronger since my cut obviously. Progressive overload on at least one exercise every gym session.

Here's my diet: I have a scale and measure it out, everyday. I only eat organic fruits and vegetables and I get my meat from a butcher.
Meal one: 120g Oatmeal, 144g Strawberries, 68g Blueberries, 7mL Coconut Oil, 4 Whole eggs, 4 egg whites, 1tsp Cinnamon, 240mL Whole Milk. Macros, F-39.5, C-114, P-55, cal-1031.5. (Anything wrong with this)
Meal Two- 197g Brown Rice, 100g Broccoli/Asparagus, 0.5oz Mushrooms, 5oz Chicken Breast, 1tsp Apple Cider.
Meal Three- 197g Brown Rice, 100g Broccoli/Asparagus, 0.5oz Mushrooms, 5 oz Chicken Breast, 1tsp Apple Cider.
Meal 4 Pre-Workout meal- 300g Sweet Potato, 5oz Chicken Breast, 55g Pineapple, 1 tsp Apple Cider.
Meal 5 Post Workout Meal- V-Core Protein, Jet-Mass Creatine, 1 tsp cinnamon.
Meal 6- Fat free Greek Yogurt, 13g Flax/Chia seeds, 16g Peanut butter.
I take a fish oil supplement.

Final Macros- P-246, C, 337.5, Fat- 73. Total Calories- 3000.

Am I doing anything wrong?


Yeah, it’s only been three weeks… Come back in 30 weeks.

Your body doesn’t operate on the same time line as your attention span. Give it time, 6 months is a good start. If you are getting fat, your diet is wrong (wrong food, too much food, food timing) and/or you are not consistent with your work out. Make small changes.

etc, etc, etc.

Read a few nutrition articles before asking how your diet is. First thing you are going to learn is that the only person that has the one true answer is you.


Your diet makes it seem like you are drinking the ACV during your meal. It should be consumed ~20 minutes prior to eating.