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New Found Life


I'm turning 49 in two weeks and just gotta say: I feel better than I've ever felt. I started lifting seriously 2 years ago after NOT having stepped into a gym in 17 years! I worked with a personal trainer (who was 21!!) and made it my goal to be able to do what he does (maybe not the weight but all the exercises). I lucked out in finding a guy who knew what he was talking about. I've never been injured. We now hit the heavy bag and do martial arts fighting.

My body fat is now 9%, I weigh 195 and my one rep max is 265! I have now started studying to get my certification as a personal trainer (NASM). I'm planning for a very active retirement and a new career!! feels great


Happy Birthday! and keep up the good work.


Congratulations- you have virgin joints at your age!

Do some study about how to keep them that way. Auxillary excersices for spinal stability are very important if you are going to squat and deadlift heavy.


You are doing great man! From one 49 year old to another: Keep up the good work!


Hey, I hear you and congratulations.

I'm a "baby" 43 yr old, and I've only been back in the gym for 6 months, but likewise, I feel great.

Besides, it's fun.

And without all the pressures of being young again, I get to just enjoy it.

Welcome aboard!


awesome excellent great fantabulous congratulations way to go keep it up you rock etc!


well, to protect my back i don't do squats. But I can leg press 7 plates on each side. for supplements i drink muscle milk in the morning, take a testosterone booster, mutlivitamin, fish oil, and occasionally i'll do some no2. I like the pump. And I should have stock in protein powder. The other day I did standing broad jumps. haven't done them since high school. God are my quads screaming:-)!!!!


What are these auxillary exercises you write of? I have started doing DL's and my spine feels compressed the next day.


New to the board here...
46 years old myself and have been lifting for over 20 years & participating in strongman comp's for about about 5 years now.
I'm glad to see people on here that are around my age!
That's the reason that I signed-up.
Didn't mean to hijack the thread just wanted to say congrats and glad to be here.


I'm new to this board also.

Your right Rich. It's nice to see some "old dogs" still sniffing around. I'm looking right at 49 also.

Congrats on your accomplishments. I envy you in a way. I've been training for 30+ years, and back then there were no trainers, you learned by trial and error. Unfortunately, my joints are showing there age. Doesn't stop me though...just change up exercises and look for something that doesn't hurt to damn much.



ssoooo, one of you said i have virgin joints. that sounds like a good thing. THE 49 YEAR OLD VIRGIN (JOINTS). i'll take that. how long will i last. this getting big thing is addictive. should i just stop now and maintain? so far my body hasn't told me to stop. although i have found i have tendonitis in my brachioradialis. not bad though. thanks for all the great comments guys!


In my opinion... Bigger = stronger & healthier.
I wish I was 20 years younger, but I'm glad that I'm in the shape I'm in now. I have aches and pains now that I didn't have years ago, but I can live with that.


Maintaining means you are giving up. Keep going for it. I agree, bigger and stronger...screw the calendar. What I meant by my post is that your are learning how to lift the "right way". I had to learn on my own. Lessons usually came after an injury.."opps, better not do that again". Train smart and train HARD... at our age, there is no reason we can't continue to make progress.



Stronger perhaps, not necessarily healthier.


Good for you! I feel the exact same way.

Don't stop pushing yourself toward new goals. If you want to keep adding mass, do it! It's not like it'll be easier if you wait until you're 60 and decide THEN that you want to be bigger!


Agreed -- But in my context it is.
I think in the big picture... A person that eats well, rests, and participates in a high level weightlifting regime is far healthier and better off than an average Joe.
(Pls don't tell me your name is Joe)


Hey youngsters I'm 60 my brother 64 and we still lift. Bin at it for over 40 years. Don't lift as heavy but still regular. Joints are OK. Nutrition is still the key eat right, lift and get plenty of rest. Works every time.


Damn, I am so glad to hear that. I just started lifting at 34( now 38)and look forward to doing it for many years to come. I compete in strongman and hope to continue that for a few more years too, but I'll always lift. It has changed my life.


thanks guys, this is great to hear. I knew I was doing the right thing went i walked into that gym. I've totally started getting into boxing and hitting the bag. now i'm inerested in GPP (general physical preparedness). the concept of lifing, throwing things that are real and not just dumb/barbells is a good thought. I think i'm gonna get a couple of old tires and throw them around the block !!


One thing I always do between sets of heavy deadlifts/squats is hang from the bar for about 10 seconds. Your back will creak as it loosens up from just hanging. At the end of the workout I hang from the bar for 30 seconds.

I also end workouts with chins or dips too.