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New Found Fatness

So, I was in the middle of a really shitty set of DLs when my sight drifted to a dark lonely corner of the gym, and there she was. All covered in cob webs and rust, a 2" olympic fat bar. Two of em actually. I can’t believe I missed it for so long. (only been liftin there for 2-3 months) I had even debated buying one. So what do you guys think will be the best lifts to start with(besides curls)using my new found friend?

None really… why bother using it?

Well, I have heard lots of great reasons to use em. Grip strength being one of em (my grip sucks) and when I have used fat bar attachments on lat pulls and curls it really seems to hit the muscles in a different way. There a lot of articles on here about em but I was trien to get an opinion on witch ones would be best to start with.

I say try em for most of your pulling movements and even overhead presses and maybe benches. CT was using them in that video they shot a few months back for I bodybuilder. That 1 guy wrote the article about getting your arms to grow using the fat bar which could be worth checking out as well.

right on. I noticed CT using one for bench too. I’ll try out BORs and OHP. I really see no point in using it for deads. I may try it on skull crushers too. Thanks for the input Burn.

Edit: Do you remember the name of the article?

If you set one across the top of a power rack you will have a 2" rotating pullup bar.

o shit! i didnt even think about that. ill just have to figure out a way to keep it from slidin. thanks for the head up yogi

Lets see if that worked…

Nice. Thats the video where he does all the fat bar pressing.

I suppose pulling movements would be the most beneficial, besides deads as grip tends to give out first and the thicker bar wouldn’t help. Bent over rows/shrugs/bicep curls would work I’d say. You might even find you like the feel of the thicker bar for benching if you have big hands.
If I walked into the gym for a workout and saw a guy doing chin ups with a fat bar on the power rack he would be my new least favourite person.