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New 'Forum': Over 50 Lifter

get it up and keep it going. i’m 64 and looking for more feedback/info for long tern viability/motovation. i’m usually in the gyn 3-5 days. at 5’11" and 180 the besti canmiuster is to be a resistance training enthusiaist.i’d bookmark this thread.

[quote]asarose wrote:
get it up and keep it going.
i’m usually in the gyn 3-5 days.[/quote]

Now that’s what I’m talk’in about. We need about a dozen more guys like you and we can lobby for our own. I’d be in the gyn 7 days a week if I could.
Hell, I lobbied to get the Over-35 t-replacement folks their own sandbox and succeeded. Maybe we can do it here!

I wouldn’t join it next year, for the same reason older powerlifters still enter themselves into the OPEN division at meets. It’s better to hang around the younger, stronger folks to prod one on to bigger lifts.

^^^ Even though I’m 7 years away I know I’ll still agree with DCA when the time comes.

I think we need an over 35 forum to keep out the morons rather than to ‘physically’ divide us from the rest by age. I can’t think lifting at 50 is going to be any different than lifting at 40. I know I won’t be able to compete with those 20 years younger, but it won’t stop me trying.

I know how I’m probably gonna die too, my heart will explode in my chest when at 78 years old I try to match some 18 year old in a Tabata front squat / burpee circuit beach challenge. It’s how I’d want to go. Just makes me a bit sad to think of my 19 year old wife left behind.

[quote]pumper53 wrote:
I’m a 59 year old recreational bodybuilder…been training on and off for over 40 years. I visit this forum quite often, but find most lifters here are in their late 30’s and early to late 40’s. Some different training problems arise once you hit the early 50’s, which is why I’d like to see another forum.

These training problems mainly involve injuries… constantly sore joints due to slow recovery, which in turn is probably due to low testosterone. A forum dedicated to us old farts would definetely be welcomed. [/quote]

Well I am going to be 64 in March and i’d say just this past year turning 63 has me thinking more and more about the problem i confront. I’ve stayed relatively healthy, with only a few minor problems that had me backing off some and taking celebrex for 3 or 4 days. but more and more my joints ache, for the first time in my life. I am a lot smarter for the first time in my life. Took me a long time to get that way. and its only been about 1 year or so that I have been smarter.
Because I have soreness to contend with and stiffness I do foam roll and do stretching every day in the morning. That has been a life saver. I’m also doing some foam rolling right after i finish exercising. I also warm up now really light, were as before I’d just jump right into it. ( plain stupid) now i also don’t increase any resistance more than 20% at one time, and most of the time its less than that. I’ve also come to the conclusion that bodybuilding is a waste of my time. Yeah I want to look good but I want to improve by being stronger, and when i am stronger i look good. Note my diet is pretty much constant except when i lift then i add more calories for that day.

oops just remembered the thread lol… ok well yeah an over 50 would be great.

I am new to this site but have been lifting and working out since I was 15. At 55, I have had to concede a few things (shoulder issues) but my body fat is as low as its ever been. This forum could really help over 50 fitness/bodybuilders learn from each other.

I would also vote for an over 50. Training and recovery are much different after 50.

I would also vote for an over-50 forum.

I just turned 50 this year. In the last 3 years my attitude towards exercise has really changed to one based on the idea of long term conservation and preservation. For various reasons, it has really hit home that our bodies do wear out- I knew that intellectually but didn’t quite feel it until recently.

I love to exercise and if I want to be able to continue to enjoy it for the rest of my life I need to approach it in a more restrained manner than previously. I want to continue to push myself because that is half the enjoyment for me but I need to come up with ways to make it last.

That is where a forum for the over 50 would be great. Maybe other people reach this realization earlier than I did. It is more about an attitude than an age.

Maybe a forum called Conservation & Preservation (not only of our bodies but of the joy we get from exercising)

Please give this some serious consideration! Us old f@#kers need love too!

How many of us still squat? Deadlift?

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What kind of numbers would be considered respectible? Can most of us still use creatine? If not, what other options are there? What’s the best joint supplement? Please guys feel free to post your faves!

Its interesting to note that most of the people who want a 50+ forum have little to no posting history at all. Wonder why?

I can’t relate to a younger man’s woes. Plus I’ve been waiting for my first issue of AARP.

I note that OldNavy hasn’t weighed in on this idea.

I’m neither for nor against having an Over-50 forum, I just like the crew we’ve got here in the Over-35 Lifter and will continue to post here.

I really don’t think an over 50 forum would get much activity. Why is there a perception that over 50 lifting is somehow different?

There are many people here who are well over 50 and able to lift some serious weight. Drug free - there is another forum for Low T stuff.

Somebody asked about respectable numbers for over 50? JMHO
2x BW Squat
2.5x BW Deadlift
1.5x BW Bench
1x BW Overhead press

Those are no means elite numbers, and I’m thinking of a 200lb BW, but respectable. I believe all doable unless you have former injuries and it will probably take at least 5+ years for the average old dude, maybe longer. Are those goals any different from someone in their 30’s?


There’s quite a bit of difference my friend. Recovery, diet considerations, supplementation.

[quote]Demo man wrote:

There’s quite a bit of difference my friend. Recovery, diet considerations, supplementation.[/quote]

the only difference betweet a 30 yr old and a 50 yr old lies within your own mind. No place else. The moment you believe, your no longer the man you once were, guess what, you won’t be.

Didn’t start this racket UNTIL I turned 50… the heaviest thing I ever lifted since the eighties, was a case of beer… in fact, I was north of 300#'s when I started my iron diet… my test levels were 152… Heavy ass compounds now have that sitting at 572 according to my last blood test… off all meds, eating clean, and my attitude is through the roof…

I am stronger, smarter, and a HELL of a lot better looking than when I was in my thirties…The sun is not allowed to rise until my morning work is complete… mind over matter my friend… it is about lifting smarter, not heavier… work what you have… and within yourself.

I have worked a 4 to 5 day split for 2 years now… and am not half the man I used to be… but I have a 1300# leg press, 400 pound squat/dead, and was working on a 315 bench and 225 Military before my delt exploded last year… never missed a day of training… just learned a lesson for next time… :wink:

No excuses.

[quote]Demo man wrote:
How many of us still squat? Deadlift?[/quote]
50+ here and hope to squat and dead till I die. The basics are the best in my opinion.

Wait, isn’t 50 OVER 35?