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New 'Forum': Over 50 Lifter


I'm a 59 year old recreational bodybuilder...been training on and off for over 40 years. I visit this forum quite often, but find most lifters here are in their late 30's and early to late 40's. Some different training problems arise once you hit the early 50's, which is why I'd like to see another forum.

These training problems mainly involve injuries.... constantly sore joints due to slow recovery, which in turn is probably due to low testosterone. A forum dedicated to us old farts would definetely be welcomed.


Im only 40.....and you are describing most of what im dealing with now.


Now that you bring it up, I'm pretty sure I suffered from low testosterone in my teens . . .


i'm only 33 and that sounds like me...


I have to agree with you, being 50 myself. I have just started back lifting after a severe shoulder injury, it kept me out of the gym for almost three years. I really want to get back into the shape I was in before the injury, but its really hard since, I cant recover as quickly as I used to. I have been searching for all the tips I can find. I would also like to see a forum dedicated to the over 50 lifter. I just cant believe three years off has made this big of a difference. I worked out 4 to 5 days a week for 10 years till I tore my shoulder up. Man I hate getting old.


How many over 50 are there here, anyway? My impression is that most of the folks here on Over 35 are under 50.


Hmmm, being only 49 years myself, I still don't qualify for the forum until next year...


I don't see the O35 forum being as much about age as just an attitude. Many of us are married, have kids, and have taken a few knocks in life. We're more civil over here than on other parts of the site, I believe. A great number of us have been injured (more than once) and come back. To be honest, I am in way better shape now at 46 than I was in my 20s, when I was skinny and weak.


I really don't know about losing stuff from youth. When I was teenager, and young adult, I was in awful shape. Skinny, soft, weak beyond belief. I couldn't deadlift an empty bar. So envious of the athletes, the strong men, they were so far ahead of me. Today in reasonable shape, still not as strong as I want, but feeling much better. I can only take everyone's word for it that things come down from a better level. Can only imagine how easy kids have it to gain strength.

Oh, and Snapper, you've certainly come a long way. And I'm thrilled you encourage your kids to be in sports, too.


I agree with Snapper, but give me 8 months and I can join an 50 and over crowd too....oh crap, really?


Resistance is futile.


49 here as well, 9 months to the big 5-0...


"Recreational bodybuilder." I like that. I've been trying to figure out what to call what I do...I don't train for strength per se, I train to improve my physique (or at least to slow the inevitable rate of decay). But, I have no plans to compete in BBing. So I might have to borrow 'recreational BB.'


I am new on here but I am 51


52 years. Kids are gone, but I'm not feeling the wear and tear.
Somehow I survived.
I don't think an over-50 would get much action...unfortunately.


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56 and been doing some kind of physical training long as I can remember. Never had an injury from training but I'm definitly weaker, slower, uglier, than in my prime. I've thought we should have a forum for the over 50 crowd, too, cause there's a big difference tween 35 and 50. Problem is I've gotten use to the congeniality of the over 35 and have a lot of friends in there. Agree with Oldman P and don't think it'd get much use. Sides, they still need adult supervision at 35.


Im 48. Ive never been any kind of weight lifter/athlete; Weight lifting is kind of fun and different for me, and it appears to be reducing inflammation which was developing into a more serious problem.


50.. hating every second of it. I need adult supervision like the 35 year olds....


OP I believe if you stated a log in this section you will find that we all contribute to it. We are the fine wine, the seasoned beef, the elder statesmen of TNation. Most of us have been lifting for years ourselves and have numerous injuries and chronic joint/pain issues.