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New Forum Member, Need Opinions


Why hello there T Nation!

I've been lifting for close to two years, two years this August, and I need some opinions. I'm currently 15 and I'd like to know if I'm making good progress or if I'm at the average and such.

My bench is at 235, my squat is at 320, and my clean is at 225 (all in pounds).

Are these good numbers to be put up by someone my age?


Who cares if they're good for your age or not? If they're good are you going to stop training? If they're bad are you going to stop training? Does it affect you one bit knowing whether they are good or bad? It sure as hell doesn't add weight to the bar.

Stop seeking validation from others and simply dedicate yourself to improvement. If you undertake that and are constantly seeking improvement and actually seeing it happen then that is all the validation you need to tell you whether or not you're doing something right - this can be applied in all aspects of life.


Are those numbers higher than where they were 6 months ago?

If so, yes.


Its a great start. Keep it up. Never be satisfied, always pursue something greater.




Comparing yourself to others is a good way to drive yourself crazy. Don't worry about if your numbers are good compared to other people, just strive to improve your lifts consistantly. Through years of hard work you will be proud of your own lifts because you have fought for them, not because they are better then everyone else.