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New Forum Layout



Seriously, change it back.


Agreed, the layout blows.




The big print is easy for old people to read.




the new font annoys me, but I do like the fact that I can see which thread has the most recent posts.


(click pic for actual size)


You may think that it sucks but keep in mind you're getting more than what you've paid for.


You guys are a bunch of haters. I like it.


Threads don't have a next button and the color makes it really hard to tell what page you're on. I don't mind the rest.


It's the top menu that bothers me the most. If i go a quarter inch too far with my mouse I open a menu I don't want and have to move my mouse back off and try again. Not really always a problem with a mouse but with a touchpad it gets annoying.


Helvetica,goddamnit. More Helvetica.


That was so funny I forgot to laugh.





I like it, the wider format is nicer on the forums.

You guys will get used to it in a couple weeks and then you'd never go back - it's how the UI game works (if it's for the better).


You'll get over it.


I think it's fine, just not a fan of all the yellow


It's like user acceptance testing is a lost art. The menu sucks. I don't think the designers/developers have actually used it.

People stopped using dynamic multi-level javascript dropdowns almost a decade ago for a reason: they suck.

Then again, what does a lowly backend developer know?


Change for no good reason is not necessary.


I seem to be the only one who gets a big "Join the nation" box over the newest threads. Only with google chrome too. Weird.