New Forum Layout - I Hate It


Just wanted to say (is it just my phone) that the new layout with the training logs now in every category means it’s really hard to find good discussions and also hard to find logs.

Is there any reason why half the training logs are now in the bigger stronger leaner section?

Sorry to moan but there appears to be less people creating discussions (or maybe I just can’t see them) after the layout change.


No worries. Feedback is good!

I’m a little confused, however, because there’s still a Training Log forum that you can access from the main forum page on both desktop and mobile.

Can you screenshot what you’re seeing?

If you’re referring to the training logs that were created in the Over 35 forum, they are showing in Bigger, Stronger, Leaner.

But, to be completely honest, no matter what we have done with that forum or the training logs there in the past, it hasn’t been well received.

Suggestions are welcome.

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Here’s what I’m seeing. The tags show content from the Over 35 section and you covered that already. I also see Beginners, Combat, and a couple other tags. It has made it tough to find the BSL threads.

Yeah that’s what I see too (forgot about this thread).

So when I go into BSL it’s just full of crap I don’t want to see to be honest. (I sound so old now) but surely all the logs should be in the logs section and then the General topics on getting big and ripped should be in BSL?

I’m a huge fan of splitting the coaching lab and training logs out from BSL. I think I’ve been missing topics I’d normally get involved in just because that forum had become so bulky

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@rugby_lifting, you can sort BSL using the tag drop down. If you select the none option, it will filter your view to just BSL threads. Also, the logs you are seeing in BSL are from the Over 35 category (the logs in the actual Training Log forum are not in BSL). Years ago, when we first created the Training Logs section, we did move the training logs that were in the the Over 35 category to the Training Log forum. However, a majority of the users in the Over 35 forum did not like that, and wanted those logs moved back into Over 35, which we then did.

It sounds like we some more feedback from users in both forums. Perhaps it’s poll time?

@TrainForPain, just want to clarify that you are not seeing Coaching Lab threads in BSL, correct?

Thanks for the screenshots, @Frank_C.

Everyone, thanks for the feedback. Please let me know if I have missed anything.


Correct - I’m not seeing coaching labs in BSL

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Phew. Thanks.

I was about to have a Monday moment.

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Selecting “None” as a filter in the BSL section fixes my gripes. Thanks!

I figured there was a way to filter but I was doing it wrong.

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