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New Forum for Strong Women!


Okay ladies, you've been asking for your own area for a long time, so here it is.

This forum is for women who don't fancy themselves figure competitors. This is for powerlifting women, women who compete in strength sports, and for those women who just like to lift heavy for the sheer thrill.

Guys are welcome, but remember that you're only guests in their house. In other words, sit with your hands folded and speak only when you're spoken to.


Thanks TC!


My inner woman is delighted.


This is fantastic!!! You rawk TC!




Mine wants to shop.


You're all welcome.

Sorry it took so long!


Thanks TC!!!


This is pretty sweet- thanks!

Now I will have to start posting again. :slight_smile:


Cool stuff TC, I really like the name as well


It is about dang time we get some space!

Thanks a million TC.



Thank you! I was hoping for this; I sometimes find the MWA forums almost alienating as a woman primarily interested in strength.


Hey ladies,

Anyone who wants their threads/logs moved to this brand new forum, you can just send me a Private Message with the link, and I'll get it moved.



Thanks TC!



Thanks TC. It's nice to be taken seriously and get a little respect. Hopefully, this will encourage many of the non-posters to start contributing to the forum. We need more strong women on this site to help those who are striving to be.


"The myth that women should not lift heavy, is advanced only by women who fear effort, and men who fear women"


Anything that gets gojira to post more is good in my book :wink:

Thanks, TC!


Thanks, TC!! Have a very Merry Christmas!



I'm also hoping that this gets some other strength-minded women to stop lurking and start posting. I'd love to share in other women's triumphs as well as disappointments as we strive to become stronger and better with every trip to the gym.

(proxy and g'em, you'd better come back and post again!)


I just noticed this.

Thanks, guys. And no need to sit with your hands folded. Because this house is gonna rock.


"They're back." Wow all my favorite female posters that I havn't read in ages. Way to go TC. I'll be checking this forum on a regular basis.


well I never asked for it, but its been a deep burning desire within me :wink:

Finally, that tire flippin, window throwing, powerliftiing, sled dragging, car pushing, puking in the gym, won't seem so outa place!