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New Forum - Another Poll


Here's my idea.

A parenting forum. Something like, " Care and Feeding of T-RugRats" or whatever. Or perhaps a slightly more general 'Family' Forum. ( Meaning, only, that it's for discussing 'family' issues, not that it should be G rated ).

Here's why. I see a fair amount of posts, regarding T-Nation member's kids. They are generally spread out amongst the 'Get A Life', Suppliments and Nutrition' and T-Vixen forums. I think there would be even more posts directed at parenting if there was a forum specifically for it.

I believe that T-Parents are a cut above 'regular' parents, because they have high standards for themselves, and set high standards for their kids. Such as, exercise vs TV and video game time, what they eat, etc. If I have a question regarding the raising of my kid, I ask it here.

If there's enough positive feedback, perhaps they'll add it.

\|/ 3Toes


I think that is a great idea! I think it could encompass all family type issues.


I can just imagine the threads being made on it.

"I accidently spilled some 'fluids' on my parents bed."

"I beat my kid too much and he won't stop bleeding. Help?"

"If his nose is bleeding, does that mean he's picking it too much or not enough?"


or maybe "since 'roids are safe, when should I start my kid on them?" lol


What's next? T-Gay forum? T-Knitting forum? T-Fetish forum(hmm...)?

No thanks. Sounds like it would possibly promote higher levels of estrogen. That's what off topic is for.


I'm sticking with T-Recipes.


Now that actually isn't a bad idea. But I would just recommend it as a contest for the best recipies and then give away stuff to the winners, the post an article or include it in the Weekly dose email.


we need a wufwugy forum.

all wufwugy, all the time.


Caring about your kids promotes higher levels of estrogen?


Yes. Real men are so careless about their kids tht they don't even know they have kids. They just run around sowing their seed and forget all about it.


I just think it's a little TOO off topic for T-Nation.

Can we have a sense of humor check on aisle 4 please?


I think this would be cool. Part of parenting is promoting exercise and good nutrition. Also, there are some good ideas and discussions about parenting around here from time to time. I wouldn't mind hearing thoughts from other like-minded (or not) parents about what works and doesn't work for them.

Not interested? Don't click on that forum. Simple enough...


Well, we have an Over 35 forum, why not have a T-Parents one too? And Grew (16 years old) and Zoolander (estro-phobic) don't have to go to it.