New Formatting Look

I think it’s fair to reserve judgement for two weeks until the major kinks have been worked out and we have given the new layout a fair shake.

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dchris: How do you “activate” the editing features? Any idea on posting pictures? (Thanks for the “quoting” tip!)

(Just testing the quote feature…)

Hurts my eyes.

Also could someone’s post count be readily viewable -dont like to waste time giving detailed advice to someone who’s only made 2 posts, never to return

@Mufasa I just realized you can also type “@” similar to twitter and tag someone. I’ll assume that you get a notification Mufasa.

If the white background isn’t going anywhere, then the text needs to be darker. It’s more gray than black and that is what makes it more difficult than anything to read.

User names should also be be bold black. The orange-ish color clashes way to much with the white. It’s too bright.

Finally, there’s too much space in between posts. Move them closer together.

The new site is clearly aimed at mobile users. I’m not sure that’s a great move, but I’m sure Biotest has reviewed the analytics.

I love this new format. The features for editing posts are awesome…


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Thanks again, @dchris!

Testing some other features: BOLD Emphasis Emoji (nothing there)

Don’t see underline

Upload of pic works good!



Help someone not up on the “Latest and Greatest”…

I certainly know that “everything” is going “mobile” now…that’s cool…Tim, TC and the guys have always been “ahead of the Curve” when it comes to changes in the Marketplace.

But what does being mobile have to do with the color of the backgrounds and letters?

^ Click that icon just above the text box when typing a post to upload/attach a pic.

We’ll work on tossing up some kind of tutorial in a thread probably tomorrow. In the meantime, play around with what you can, within reason. Like, flag, reply, copy/paste quote, all that. We’ll figure it out as we go.

I appreciate that some guys are upset and I kinda-almost see what you’re getting at, but I really don’t think that line of thinking follows. Yes, there used to be a black background, but there’s not now. It’s not some conspiratorial, fundamental change to the site’s core principles. It’s simply a change to the appearance.

To add on about the whole white background thing. At least make it consistent with the main page(main page uses a black background and all). Dang, I feel bad for you Chris, having to answer to so many questions and stuff. It can be a bit jarring going from the main site to the forums.


The features seem to be working fine.

(Still working on finding the underline…and the Emoji feature doesn’t seem to work…but I’ll keep tinkering!)


I’m not sure how long Chris has been around…but this issue is NOTHING compared to some of the issues the guys have had to deal with since 1998…and that’s just the ones I KNOW about!!! (lol!)

Have you not seen what I’ve been doing in Beginners for the last few years? Ha.

[quote=“Mufasa, post:33, topic:213411”]
(Still working on finding the underline…and the Emoji feature doesn’t seem to work…but I’ll keep tinkering!)[/quote]
Not sure there is an underline feature. I think bold and italic are the main emphases. And the emojis should bring up a kind of pop-up, but yeah, those seem to be down for now. Should be the standard colon parenthesis, semicolon parenthesis, plus some others.

I think the new website is nice. I just read through the motivational memes, but had to click on each link.

Don’t like the white background.

Layout is too social media-ish in my opinion.

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The design has an undeniably “half-finished” look, but whatever. The supplement banner just looks awkwardly tacked on against the white background; the black-to-red-white situation going on at the top of the page has no flow whatsoever, and there’s an aggressively superfluous (mis)utilization of real estate at the bottom of the page with that giant ass T-Nation logo (literally, an entire browser screen in size when viewed in FireFox). I get that we’ll “get used to it” in time, much in the same way I “got used” to the peeling paint, water marks, and chipped tile in my first apartment, but that hardly makes it a welcome (or aesthetic) sight.

That being said, the overall layout doesn’t suck at first glance. I’ll get entirely used to it in a day or two and will forget how it used to be after maybe twice that length of time. It does handle much nicer on my iPhone than the previous website did. Hopefully this will help obviate those “Old People: the Thread” discussions about being bent outta shapy by having to click an extra button or two to get to where they want to go.

The functions are easy to use, but I get that it might be a generational thing.

The weakest part of it, however, is pic related:

Whoever green-lit that needs some Alpha Male. I literally cannot BELIEVE that made it past Biotest QC. Literally, a brutal display right there, particularly when juxtaposed with the home page’s proclamation that this is a “hardcore” training site.

Also: can someone please take a second or third gander at the “Suggested Topics” feature? For example, why is a thread titled “Wisc. Rep. Hintz’s Speech Against Gov. Walker” (with one reply, mind you) from Feb2011 being pushed on me?

How about the zero-reply GAL thread from Nov2000 titled “Styrofoam & T-levels?” I got that one, too.

Oh, hey: a zero-reply Pharma thread (“API Products?”) from Oct2006 is being suggested, too. All because…? Actually, I’ve got Pharma suggestions up the yang here… and this fascination with hormones might actually might explain the rampant estrogen that allowed for that that kissy, smiley, cutesy “lol plz register meow!” popup I was assaulted by earlier. I don’t recall ever posting in the steroids forum and I sure as heck haven’t browsed there in forever and a day.

I ain’t even mad; I just think it’s bizarre. Thread suggestions are a nice idea, but it would probably make more sense to streamline it by basing suggestions off of the particular forum one is in or by topic keywords or something. At the very least, please take thread activity into account. Actually, now I see that it’s suggesting topics to me that I had either started or participated in years back… which is nice. I appreciate that the site considers me reading my thoughts from years past to be a worthwhile endeavor, but since I’m not a teenage girl I don’t really need the diary. I guess it works by tracking the forums/threads you browse and advises accordingly? In any case, I’d recommend keeping an eye on this since I think it can be improved (and SHOULD be, if it’s going to stick around).

As well, kindly note the omission of the word “is” from the GAL About thread (“this where you discuss…”). I’d actually recommend punching most of those up a bit, but I get that this site is still being developed and those will likely evolve in time.

The emojis load fairly haphazardly, too (sometimes I get an empty box).

There’s more, but I doubt anyone’s still reading this. As of now, I’m fairly ambivalent about the changes when considered collectively, but I’m certain things will get polished over time.


The white background needs to go. The rest just needs some getting used to.

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I agree with many others, I think it would be nice to have a black background again-- or at least the option to do so. Otherwise, I think the new design is cool and will just take getting used to as well.

OK, so the new means of quoting looks pretty dope, but after reading the FAQ I just gotta say:

  1. Using black font to denote hyperlinks in streams of dark gray text is, um, ill advised.
  2. Writing things like, "These are not hard and fast rules, merely aids to the human judgment of our community" is, frankly, even worse. Am I browsing T-Nation or Tumblr?
  3. Respond to a posts content instead of its tone? GREAT advice, Biotest. Really, really stellar. You must have needed to get the whole gang together to shake that ole chestnut out of the cerebral tree. It is just sooo great that we are finally able to turn off our brains here because, let’s face it, what better way to adjust to the new emoji feature than to remove common sense, human intuition, and adult discourse from any sort of interaction here moving forward? I, for one, welcome this advice and will not only abide by it when logged in, but will also likely get it tattooed on my inner thigh. In fact, I just took a screen shot of that rule, saved it as an image file, put it onto a flash drive, drove to the bank, opened a safety deposit box, placed it in there, hid the key inside a Himitsu-Bako (which I bought specifically for this purpose) for safe keeping, and will keep it there until my future child is old enough to vote, at which point I can consider him (or her, whichever it feels like surgically modifying its exterior to impersonate) intellectually and emotionally mature enough to handle this gem. Just so they don’t risk offending anyone through unintentional misinterpretation of the written word or have to bother asking someone to clarify the cut of their jib like an adult. :grinning:
  4. I’m just playing, but for real, both the TONE and content of the FAQ page is a… stark departure from the impression I had of this place before clicking on over there. I feel like y’all are just one synchronized cycle away from mandating bubble wrap suits and helmets to keep us even safer when posting here.

It’s weird how hitting the numbered list button will only display “1” in the comment field but will populate appropriately in the preview section (though I like how that gets updated in real-time).

edit: gotta fix the size of them emojis, obvi.