New Formatting Look

I realize tech has probably put some time into this new layout, white background and all, but I have to chime in with some feedback. I find it disorienting (not because it’s new) in terms of text and the black text on white is more difficult on the eye than yellow text on black.

If we were voting, I’d go for the incumbent rather than the challenger here. Sorry :confused:


Don’t like the new look, it’s more difficult to view responses, especially those who quoted other posters are involved.

The white background seems loud compared to the previous, harder on the eyes in my opinion.


How quickly can this be changed back to the old format. This one is extremely difficult to navigate as opposed to the old format.

It is hard to believe that a constructive side by side analysis of this format and the previous format was conducted and anyone chose this format.

Avatars have been erased and whatever the new format is won’t accept standard size photos that have been used in the past.


I also do not like this new format - Please change it back - Eastcoast Jim


Guys, the new format is like four hours old. First impressions are one thing, sure, but y’all do need to give it a fair shake. Like I said in another thread, this new style gets pretty familiar after just a little while. The white background, for example… basically every website that has something to read has its text on a white background.

The old site is done and not coming back. Simply not an option. It was great for its time, but because it was so custom-designed, it eventually outgrew it’s effective rate of maintenance. Like a sweet '79 Thunderbird I once had.

Avatars can be easily resized, usually in Preview or iPhoto on your computer or some similar program.


Chris: I am definitely for innovation and “moving forward”. (In fact; I am one of the “original” posters on the Site).

During this time, I certainly have seen changes in the Site.

I have to agree with the others to seriously consider returning to the yellow text on black.

In terms of “every Website”? T-Nation has ALWAYS prided itself at being more cutting-edge and different.

(We probably could also use a tutorial on quotes, highlighting words, underlining, etc.)


As far as the colors go…

  1. From the T-Nation/Biotest side, the color and style should be themeable.

See Jeff Atwood’s comment here:

Sounds like it’s just a matter of setting some CSS up for the whole site.

  1. From our side, there are plugins for most browsers that can invert the colors for certain sites.

For chrome, the “Deluminate” plugin seems to work well enough. It’s white on black instead of yellow on black, but definitely better than black on white.

Posting pics (if possible with the new Format) would be good to put in the Tutorial.

I don’t often post, but I felt I needed to give feedback, as I to do not like the white background and agree with the above posters that the white background basically sucks. Just wanted to voice my opinion. Not that it matters much.

The way the quoting shows up now is horrible…

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I said it elsewhere, but I am disappointed the forum did not go to vBulletin as it really is the gold standard.

Regardless, people will get used to it.

Is there a rundown/tutorial somewhere on here for the new look? I’m not an idiot, and this is very confusing. Not remotely user friendly. Are there different browsers this works better on than others? The biggest problem to this point for me is quoted texts in posts. That aspect is awful the way it is. It’s completely unreadable. I don’t care about the colors, but the formatting is not intuitive.

I’m also having trouble finding threads I was following. The notification system seems different.

Sorry Chris, but new is not always associated with better. Re the white background, just because everyone else does it doesn’t mean T-Nation has to. If we followed that logic, this website would recommend workouts with pink dumbbells in squat racks because just about every workout website uses that.

What you have done here is create a solution for a problem that didn’t exist.

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My only gripe is the forums are a tad slow on my phone otherwise much better.

The quoting doesn’t seem to work so well (or the migrated posts didn’t go so well)

Quotes should be fixed by tomorrow or sooner.

An option for a new skin of the old format might be a good compromise. Ultimately, t-nation is going to do whatever it wants to do, but that would make a lot of the old folks happy I’m sure.

The site looked absolutely terrible on internet explorer for me. Lots of broken images and other issues. Ran it on firefox and it looks much better, and now I can see a lot of new features like highlighting/bolding/etc.

There are Chrome extensions if you want to change the color of the background.

The quoting is awesome. If you highlight part of the text a ‘quote’ icon pops up. This makes it a lot easier to quote! Additionally, things that I like:

Editing features, such as bold, italics, bulllets etc.

Recent posts across the complete forum (this works again)


Mobile accessibility - no longer have to zoom in and out constantly to navigate

I think overall the new features outweigh the appearance. Obviously, there are things to be ironed out, but that’s typical of any software related releases, think new iPhones. Overall, just played around for a few minutes and think it works pretty well.

I only tend to post on t-nation from work, where I’m not able to install extensions. I appreciate the tip though.

Not at all a fan of the new look. Also been around for a long time here. This site used to be innovative and provide amazing content with livespills, author interaction, boot camps, and new supplements often. This place now seems like a bit of a wasteland and only good for purchasing products in the store. The supps are great but with the Canadian dollar where it is, it’s becoming cost restrictive. It’s unfortunate as this was once the beacon of the training world in my opinion.

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