New format blows

Another bug.

On mobile, embedded YouTube videos are covering up the text above and/or below it. Rotating from vertical to horizontal doesn’t fix this (like it did before).

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I’ve been noticing that for a while. Figured it was something on my end, but I never tried to fix it.

I’ve bitched about format changes in the past, but this one definitely confuses me the most.

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I thought something was wrong with my computer. The way the forum was before was very modern, mature.

Why anyone would see the need to screw with it is beyond me.

My only thought is less member traffic, which was actually a thread recently, “where is everyone”, forcing the owners to cut it back.

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For sure. You can tell the traffic has been low recently. I know I’ve been posting less, but just attribute it to busy life bs. I totally get trying something new. I’m willing to give it a shot, maybe it’ll end up being better in the long run.


Thanks for going back


Wow! Would ya look at that!