New format blows

I’m just confused why they got rid of timestamps.

I can understand why they changed to a feed format, but timestamps? that has to be a bug


Layout sucks ! Considering self immolation

Maybe it’s a virus?

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Yes!, and the picture it chooses (it seems) is the one from the very first post. Which, at least in my case, is my absolute worst shape and starting point for my training log.

If people at your work catch a glimpse of my shirtless physique on your computer, I at least want it to be an “after” picture so they think more highly of me as a random internet stranger.


Why does it even need to be a “feed” though? It’s cumbersome to navigate and next to impossible on a mobile device. The old way was so user friendly. How could anyone beta test this and think it’s better???

We certainly didn’t think so back then.

Switching to Discord was a pretty rough transition, and a lot of folks disappeared around that time (including myself, but for different reasons.)

Sometimes, I still miss the old black and yellow and red, with page-based navigation instead of infinite-scroll.

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From the last time this happened :slight_smile:

And some fun quotes that sound like… right now

Not at all a fan of the new look. Also been around for a long time here. This site used to be innovative and provide amazing content with livespills, author interaction, boot camps, and new supplements often. This place now seems like a bit of a wasteland and only good for purchasing products in the store. The supps are great but with the Canadian dollar where it is, it’s becoming cost restrictive. It’s unfortunate as this was once the beacon of the training world in my opinion.

Layout is too social media-ish in my opinion.


Force people to pay attention to articles and promotions

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Can only imagine what will happen in the giant blank spaces at the edges. Great place for ads!!!

Was there even a mention on the forum of the upcoming “upgrade?”
I don’t recall seeing anything.

No, I didn’t see anything. Came as a surprise. Fortunately they fixed a couple bugs (like the missing Reply button) pretty quickly.

I dunno why but this timestamp/date missing is really, really getting under my skin…this has the potential for people to do searches and then bring up OLD topics/threads and then comment on them, and nobody will know they are getting involved in an issue that was already discussed or with people who are no longer around on here.
Hell I just was checking this topic and I have no fuckin clue WHEN various members posted on here…was it yesterday? Today? 8 hours ago? 2 mins ago? If I were to say take a vacation for a week and come back to this, I would never know if the most recent post was a week ago when I left or if the topic was still being discussed recently. Not having the timestamp makes no sense and seems like it would be such an easy format fix.


Its making it prohibitive for me to use. Not super into making a big deal, but Ill likely make a journal somewhere else if I can’t get the hang of it.

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My biggest problem, other than having a much harder time navigating, is the fact that the picture on my log represents me with a picture of my back from when I was way smaller! Please have AI pick my objectively most jacked picture to represent my log, thanks!

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It sucks so much. Bring back the old format.

New format of this site is HORRIBLE.

Each time, it gets worse (I much preferred the old site actually).

I don’t expect to be visiting too often any longer.

Look at us dealing with change like a bunch of fucking champs. Go us, we beauties.

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If you are lucky like @alex_uk you have a picture of Dorian Yates in your first post. He looks amazing. LOL


Haha, I just added that to my first post once the format changed. The new format sucks but might as well use it to let people think I’m Dorian! (And it makes finding my journal easier)


T-Nation in its current state survives because of its loyal userbase and its (previous) simplicity of use - which was working as a close throwback to how forums used to be. T-Nation has an archaic charm that works in its favor. Trying to “modernize” what’s already here with a “surprise motherfucker” feels like suicide. It’s a bad idea full stop in my opinion, but throwing it on people unexpectedly in massive waves seems very silly. The great thing about WordPress (which this website is built on) is you have every potential to run somewhat of a sister/testing site with everything working and have opportunities to communicate with the core userbase before making wholesale changes. The internet is too big now to not communicate. Doing it this way is just going to lead to lots of unneccesary upset and people leaving.

And as someone that used to develop lots of WordPress sites, I can’t help but believe all that article moving to the forums stuff was one of the least streamlined things I think I’ve ever seen. It really shattered the professional feel of the site for me (hope I’m not speaking too harshly, I still love the place)

I get the idea of wanting to modernize, really I do. Trying to integrate this on long-ass time site bloat on a LIVE site makes absolutely no sense to me though.

A caveat to all this though is I love it because it reminds me of the earlier days of the internet. :sweat_smile: