New format blows

I just wanted to start yet another thread where others could voice what I’ve already read in the other topic of similar nature: this new format stinks and NO we do NOT want to just “get used to it”! Bring back the old format.

I hate that I cannot see when someone posted, as in the date or how many days ago. This layout sucks and as an American, or “Mericun”, I am using my right to protest! Can we please, pretty please, whatever, bring back the old forum?? Ever heard of, if it ain’t broke…?


As someone with my formal education in political science, I am triggered by this sentence.

I AGREE … I thought my computer was fucked up and it’s the new format ! Cant find shit .

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Perhaps you can find refuge in a safe space? :wink:

I can continue… We also have to continually fight for our right…to party! F yeah, America! Also: They took our jobs! Took rr jrbs! some will know what this is…

But yes, none of this changes the fact that this format blows. What was even the reason for changing things? Just to mix it up? Cuz it seemed like the way things were, back in the good ol days, was working just fine.

And, hey, when did @T3hPwnisher reply to my post? Oh, that’s right, I have no fucking idea cuz I don’t see any time/date/day/hour whatever. That’s especially irritating.


It took me about 15 minutes to get used to it.

Having followed along since the original though, I understand that some people don’t like changes.

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It disgusting to look at, horrible to navigate and will just serve to push people away. Change for the sake of change.

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The format doesn’t bother me much, I don’t like how they got rid of some features like being able to filter by topic or timestamps

The random photo from peoples training log showing up is just weird. Now if I open this at work I have a bunch of pictures of The untrained masses topless on my screen. Thanks for that TN.


They at least had the decency to not do that with my log

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To some extent I like this change but I feel like we should be able to choose what picture it is (without editing the first post) and we should be able to turn cover photos on and off when scrolling through the forum (in general. Not just for the training logs)

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It feels like someone is trying to make a feed instead of a forum.

I checked for the first time in 10+ years today.


You used the B-word!

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Change it back…seriously.

Take care

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Surprised nobody from T Nation management has posted an explanation or in any way replied to the complaints. Guess they will monitor website stats to see if there are changes to page hits in the forum, more importantly traffic to the Store page.



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The sudden shock to log accessibility would make for a good tool to study changes in network structure

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Has anybody seen anything from the moderators? @Mod_Phoenix

I assume off-site computer nerds in another country are the ones handling the switch up.

The poor mods probably just have to wait and see how it turns out just like we do.

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This sucks. Bring back the old format.