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New Ford GT Crash

Working for Ford, every once in a while we get to see what happens to our vehicles after they leave the factory. This guy in Mission Prairie Villiage Kansas waited 2 years for his $200,000.00 Ford GT. He had only put 9 miles on it. He lost control on a bridge which crosses a small creek. He nailed the steel/concrete pole.

I grew up in that area. We had to take Drivers Ed in school, which included driving 1970 Ford LTD’s on the Interstate at 70mph, while snowing, on bias ply tires. Because those were real driving conditions. A man’s got know his limitations!

Ok, let me try this agin.

Think thats bad check out some of the wrecked rides on this website!

[quote]K O N G wrote:
Ok, let me try this agin.
Pic#1 [/quote]

I’ve always said, it’s not whether you can afford to buy it, it’s whether or not you can afford to wreck it.




In a case of total idiocy with a beautiful car, would it be wrong of me to prefer the car to sacrifice the driver, instead of itself?

9 miles. That hurts. I hope he wasnt on the way to sign his insurance contract.

btw: Anyone seen the TopGear episode with Jeremy Clarksons GT…

Don’t they use carbon fiber on those cars? If so, the pic has to be fake. Everyone knows carbon fiber is indestructible!

Poor, poor car… sniff

those pictures make me sick…

If im not mistaken, those cars are ME (mid -engine) cars…luckily the engine is still intact. Id rather drive a fugged up ford gt than a TOP condition ford escort…

yeah mid engine…

That Enzo pic in LA is BAD…split that Enzo right in half and the guy didn’t even own it…I mean, he did but it was in the process of being repo’d.

The weird part to that Enzo story is that my buddy in LA was on the phone with me when it happened. Just talking normally and he said, “Shit!” and hung up the phone. Called me an hour later to tell me what happened.

Isn’t it ironic how the people who can afford these cars have no clue how to drive.

[quote]Keystone wrote:
Isn’t it ironic how the people who can afford these cars have no clue how to drive.[/quote]

I partly agree with you. You can’t buy driving skills.

On the other hand, I commend them for actually giving it a little stick from time to time.

I’m not talking about being completely stupid with their car, but, you know, everybody’s foot itches from time to time and finds its ways punching the gas. Also, some of these cars are a handful to drive.

Regardless of whether they’re more likely to crash their supercar and regardless of whether or not they drive the shit out of it, I think we’re more likely to notice a wrecked exotic when it does happen.

Sorry for the hijack. Any time I see a wrecked exotic, I cry a little inside.