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New Flavors of GROW Bars->Chris, Bill?

Just curious as to when these new flavors will be released. Any idea? Thanks.

bump, I’ve been waiting for the new ones forever.

I believe that a “poon” bar was in the works at one time…?

I can’t tired of the peanut butter, but the lemon… didn’t do it for me. Keep the PB flavor coming.

Quite the bump, CGB. Well done.

Pooh, I should add that apparently work on the ass-flavored bar has come to a halt due to negative feedback from the focus groups. Word now is that watermelon-ass flavor might be the next choice, but I’m still gonna buy the peanut butter. Something about change that scares me.

that blueberry really sounds good.

Bring it Tim! Im hungry!


I agree.

If nobody caught it in the Reader’s Mail section, they’ve stopped making Grow Bars. I’m sad, I got my first box of lemon the other day and it will probably be my last. Check out the reader’s mail for the story.

Yeah, I’m kind of bitter about that – those were the only good, portable, on-the-run bars out there. I guess my eating one every day or two wasn’t enough of a market though…

I knew something was up when I ordered a box of lemon two months ago and it was quite close to expiry. I figured they might not be a fast seller at SND, but I ordered more last month and the same thing. Then I went to order more last week and SND was selling them with the warning that they had an August 2003 expiry, but when I got them, they were October 2003 expiry. Obviously something was going on, but until I read Reader Mail this morning, I didn’t know exactly what. Very few posts on this. Doesn’t anyone but us care? I’ve done my fair share of telling people to avoid those fucking U-Turn and Detrour “bars” or whatever the fuck they are, but they buy the damn things by the case and don’t seem to give a shit that they are one of the biggest supplement scams I’ve seen yet.

Yep, for those guys who missed Reader Mail, we discontinued the bars. HOWEVER, they could come back, IF we get some solid committments from distributors. We don’t need to make tons of cash on these suckers-- we just need to sell enough to move through inventory at a pace that allows us to keep fresh bars on the shelves. After all, we like eating those babies, too!

I think it might be a mistake relying on the sales over the summer. Too many people dieting. With the bulk season upon us, I would think sales would go up, especially without the threat of bars melting in the mail.

Or they could just sell the raw ingredients in a kit with instructions on how to make the bars, and instructions on how to mix in all your own flavors. (Apple flavored Grow bars, tuna flavored, broccoli, pickle, cannabis, chicken, beer, etc…)

TC, as I was munching my lemon-flavored Grow bar a few days ago and studying the label, something occurred to me.

For anyone in the general public (i.e. without the savvy of your typical T-Mag reader) who happens to be dieting and wanting to reduce their overall size, the name “Grow” doesn’t have the ideal connotation.

I’m inclined to believe that the word “Grow” might actually chase them away…

Ever given any thought to a name change, not necessarily to appeal to the mass market, but to at least draw in a few more who come close to the selected market?

I was also dissapointed to hear that the grow bars are going to be no more, was REALLY looking forward to the new flavors too. . . I hope they reconsider.