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New Flavored Grow! Whey


I see the store has added chocolate and vanilla flavored Grow! Whey. Kind of excited, but I have to admit, I will miss my 5lbs. containers. Will there be 5 pounders available?


This kinda makes me sad, I enjoy the new flavors but the price increase is a ton for just whey.

I always loved the natural flavor too =/


that's pretty cool, the current 'flavor' isn't all that bad but chocolate sounds nice

one thing i have always wondered about Grow! Whey is why the cholesterol is so high? I take 2-3 servings a day, and I'm kind of worried about that cholesterol...


it's whey concentrate, which has cholesterol. luckily, dietary cholesterol is only loosely associated with your cholesterol levels.


I figured when the old Grow! Whey was out of stock, they'd be repacking it somehow. I'm just glad I didn't have to wait too long. I think I only had about a week's worth left.

Anyway, I'm giving 2 tubs of the Vanilla a shot for my morning shake. I actually liked the Natural flavor since it worked well with all the stuff I mixed it with. If the Vanilla is good, I'll either use it exclusively or use a scoop each of the Vanilla and the Natural (one it's released) for that.

It's something new for me to mess around with anyway.


Grow! Premium Whey Natural Flavor isn't going anywhere.

It will be available in the new 2-pound size soon.


I agree on all counts. I ordered a tub of chocolate, but i have to say the price increase makes it on par with ON whey and other brand's 5lbs tub.


Will it still be available in the 5lb tub?

You can NEVER stop making the nat flavor Grow! Whey!!! It's my bread and butter, so to speak.

Seriously, it's the only whey I can really consume in large quantities. In fact, I'm ordering more right now!!!

Incidentally, I have a very picky 7-ish year old child who won't eat good 'protein' foods (ie meat/fish). She loves the Vanilla Metabolic Drive, though-- and Biotest is the only brand she'll drink.

Any plans for 'ready to drink' whey containers??


Are the new Grow! Whey vanilla and chocolate flavors the same as/similiar to the Metabolic Drive chocolate and vanillia flavors?


While I can't blame Biotest for increasing prices at a time like this, I'd still feel better if there were some explanation. As I recall the last time prices were raised we were told it was because the cost of gas, why did it go up this time? Seems we're paying more for less. I believe somewhere in the ball park of .10 cents more per serving.

Biotest has always been known to me as a company that doesn't take their consumer base for granted, and ream them with high prices. I hope it stays this way, and that this new price increase isn't a changing of the old guard.


I only pay $24.99 for two pounds of Met-Rx Protein Plus at Trader Joe's. Of course there are still reasons to chug plan whey protein, but at this price there?s no advantage over shopping local.


wut does the original flavor taste like? i never bought it because it didnt say wut flavor it was. my ignorance of course:0


Agreed. With a 30% price increase - considering the bulk discount - is it really fair to say GROW! Whey is still economical? Granted, I'm probably going to give it a shot, just because I've come to expect the best from Biotest. However, with Metabolic Drive being the "niche" protein, one would expect Grow! - the generic product - to remain competitive in price and quality; just like the original article tells us. Two new flavors - unless they are completely awesome and rad - aren't the strongest selling point, considering the competition.

So, I hope there is more info on the way, other than flavoring and smaller tubs, neither of which favor the "economical" angle of GROW!.



How does the Grow! taste in comparison to Metabolic Drive? I love Metabolic Drive Vanilla.


I have to ask also....
Will Grow! Whey Premium Natural Flavor still be available in the 5lb tub?


huh? it's only $21 for 2 lbs if you buy in bulk here. Not saying it's cheap, just seems cheaper than what you're buying now.


It was a natural flavor, or basically no flavor at all. It is nice because you can mix it in coffee, Gatorade, different beverages, without it affecting the taste of the beverage, yet have all the nutritional benefits of Grow!

I would be interested to try the chocolate flavor.


I used the 5 ib. jugs almost exclusively.

That price increase is too much though. It's making me look around instead of ordering...and I'm a loyal customer.


Not if you add in the FREE shipping... umm wait. I dunno. NVM.


It is now $60 per 5 lbs which is roughly double the original price.