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New Flavor?

Don’t know if this is in the right section, but I just wanted to know if anyone can tell me what Biotest’s new flavor is going to be for their Low-Carb Grow! MRPs and when it’s going to be out?

I remember there was a poll a while ago. I swear I can’t wait to try their new flavor. Hands down their protein supplements has got to be the best tasting out there.

The logical choice would be Strawberry.

What were the flavor choices on the poll? Or was it a write in poll?

It’s in the War Room polls and voting section below, but I don’t think the new flavor is a sure thing. They were just gathering feedback. Still, cookies and cream Grow! would rock my world!

Yeah. Cookies 'n Cream got my vote. The thought of a Low-Carb Grow! that tastes like my favorite ice cream is quite orgasmic.

Definetly had to vote cookies and cream!