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New Fish Oil Drug


I was watching TV and saw an ad for a new Omega 3 drug from GlaxoSmithKline called Lovaza -- it's FDA approved to treat triglycerides. This is copied straight from their website:

LOVAZA Is Purified and Concentrated

* LOVAZA uses a 5-step purification process that helps remove mercury and other environmental toxins that can be present in fish oil
* Each 1-gram capsule of LOVAZA contains 465 mg EPA and 375 mg DHA. EPA and DHA are the active fatty acids proven to lower very high triglycerides
* The FDA-approved dose of LOVAZA is 4 capsules per day. It could take up to 14 capsules per day of an omega-3 supplement to provide the same amount of active ingredients proven to lower very high triglycerides

The funniest part is a 1-gram capsule of Flameout has 220 mg EPA and 550 mg DHA; and I'm betting it costs a whole lot more then $27!!


Yeah, I'm pretty sure 14 standard fish oil caps would be hella cheaper too.


I had it priced. It's like $160 with a prescription.


Many people are only paying a prescription copay, so it's only going to cost them $5 or $10 out of pocket. For those that don't, obviously an OTC bottle of fish oil supplement is going to be cheaper.

I saw the same thing when my wife was pregnant. The Dr. wrote a script for folic acid which can easily be found in supplement form. My insurance, however, covered the entire cost of the prescription so paying $0 is better than even paying $10 for a bottle of supps.


As far as I could tell, most insurance will not cover it. There was some complication with my deductable rolling over, but I was told I had to pay full price basically.


If politicians REALLY wanted to decrease health care costs, they would provide Americans with free high quality fish oil; instead of a gargantuan health care bill that's gonna bankrupt America. Vote for me for President in 2012! I'm running on the fish oil platform. More fish oil --> less inflammation --> less disease --> decreased health care costs!


Actually this is a pretty good concept. They might make some nice $ off it if the doctors support it.

Until now there is no prescription a doctor can write for a fish oil-type substance to give patients that need to lower bad blood lipids.

As we all know the health benefits for fish oil are immense and safety profile impeccable, so I see no reason why doctors would not want their patients on it if they think they could benefit from it. This is especially true for aging populations struggling with diabetes and obesity who may not know so much about what they need to be putting in their body.

So doc can just hand them this script and they just go to the pharm counter and BAM! - got your med.


Every fish oil I've ever seen in person says COULD do this (blood pressure), COULD do that (cholesterol), and that the statements are not backed by the FDA. Maybe this will get "certified" fish oil out there.


Your insurance sucks


I got a flexible benefits plan thing at work, where at the beginning of the year I say how much money I put into an account out of my pay check, then I can use it for copays, OTC medicines, and some other stuff. Then I get to write off that amount and don't get taxed on it.

I got a chiro to write me a recommendation for fish oil, so I was allowed to use my money on it through this plan. Still more expensive then letting insurance pay for it, but its a nice thing to have.

If anybody has a similar plan at work, I would suggest looking into it.


Update: I had my doctor write me a prescription for Lovaza and the cost before insurance was $167/month. After my insurance it was $25, which I thought was worth the price. A combination of 4 Lovaza and 4 Flameout gives me 2740mg EPA and 3700mg DHA -- throw in 8 FA3, Rez-V, ElitePro Minerals, and my Superfood, and I have all my nutritional bases covered. I'm gonna live forever!


^^^ Yep. As long as the Dietary safety supplements act doesn't pass they can try and mimic as many herbs as they want.

The problem will arise when they try to wipe out the supplement companies through laws and acts so their pills get all the business.