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New FINiBAR Taste


Don’t mean to be super negative on T-Nation today, but WTH happened with the chocolate Finibars recently? Last two boxes have been markedly different than those before. Much harder texture, much chalkier taste. As a long-time fan of these, I’m super disappointed in the change.

I realize Biotest likes to tweak and tinker, but TBH I probably won’t continue buying them if this change is even semi-permanent. If anyone could give me a tip as to whether this change is purposeful or I just got a bad batch, I’d appreciate it!


Hm, I haven’t experienced that. I’ve been eating chocolate Finibars for years and get new boxes every few weeks, most current batch tastes the same to me. It could be with the cold weather if they’re sitting outside for a while after being delivered they may be harder than usual, but taste wise I don’t notice a difference.